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WiFi detector shirt makes you a beacon of hope for the mobile masses



When I was at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, a solid Internet connection was a hard thing to come by. My AT&T iPhone and Verizon MiFi both connect to their networks but there was so much data moving out of there it was like trying to stuff a 3-inch potato through a 2-inch pipe. You could do it but it wasn't easy! The Las Vegas convention center had WiFi and it was fast when you could hit the signal just right, but I needed a constant way to monitor signal strength. If needed the WiFi detection shirt from ThinkGeek!


This cool shirt actually glows to indicate when you're hitting WiFi. It runs on three AAA batteries and picks up signals from 802.11b or 802.11 networks. The animated decal is attached to the 100% cotton shirt with hook and loop fasteners, so you can take it of for washing. The battery pack is concealed in a small pocket sewn into the shirt.

With this shirt you can be a beacon of hope for your WiFi-connected friends who might be wandering about a college campus, a hotel or say, a convention center hoping to find some WiFi to send that last tweet, blog post or Facebook status. I suppose it also could be used as a Starbucks, Panera or McDonald's locator, since all three places also have WiFi.

The WiFi detection shirt is intended for professional WiFi addicts only. Use as directed and at your own risk.

[Last modified: Monday, February 28, 2011 2:27pm]


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