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In PlayStation 4's signature game it's visuals first, then the story



We're used to thinking about video games these days the way we think about movies. We critique plot lines, characters, visuals, special effects — you can still find the line that separates their audiences, but it's getting fuzzier every day.

So the way Sony decided on a game to highlight in the launch of its PlayStation 4 console seems a little different. Instead of starting out with a story idea, then planning the game around that, designers started with a character they thought would feature the new console's graphics capabilities.

"The developers brain-stormed for more than a year on the best character to utilize the graphic prowess of the PlayStation 4," Yuri Kageyama writes for AP. "Other ideas were considered, such as a character composed entirely of dots or one made of sand. The team finally settled on the idea of multiple parts, called "relics" in the game, a reference to archaeological finds."

So on the one hand, that feels like a cheesy sellout, designing a game that'll help sell a Sony console instead of designing a good game that sells well because it's a good game.

On the other hand, the idea of playing as a character who's sort of a shape-shifting cloud of individual elements is intriguing. And watching the trailer, you can imagine a game that mixes brute force punch-and-smash elements with the problem-solving opportunities that come with the ability to stretch a little here and squish a little there when the need arises.

But does it look good enough to make you buy a PlayStation 4? That's what Sony's hoping to find out.

[Last modified: Monday, November 4, 2013 2:32pm]


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