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In which I briefly test your patience by just rambling about another of my favorite things



Yesterday, I gushed about The Wirecutter; today, it's something else entirely.

I always felt like there's a fine line between talking about technology and talking about science, in the sense that appreciating one means, on some level, appreciating the other. You really can't love your smartphone, for example, and believe the moon landings were a NASA hoax.

Yet some people do.

So I've become fond of Phil Plait, an astronomer, author and tireless science evangelizer for Slate. Today, he's calling out folks who deny climate change is happening, and/or that human beings play any role in it. He also calls attention to the dangerous antivaccination movement. He's a great follow on Twitter, too (@BadAstronomer — get it?).

Here's my take: Your politics and religion are about your search for personal Truth, with a capital T. But good science is about Fact. It's about what we can actually observe and measure about the universe around us, from the most grandiose scale to the most microscopic. And if your Truth doesn't fit well with the way the universe works … well, it's not the universe that's going to bend to accommodate you.

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