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Our newsroom is loving these 15 things you might not know your iPhone can do




They title Buzzfeed uses is "15 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do" — but odds are you already know one or two of them. And if you're still carrying a well-worn iPhone 4 or 4S like my wife and I, or if you're holding off on upgrading to the latest iOS version, your iPhone won't do some of them. (The "take a 'burst' of photos at once" trick only works in iOS 7, and only on an iPhone 5s, for example.)

I got laughed at, tho', when one of the other editors in our office mentioned that seeing time stamps on messages in her iPhone would help settle arguments between her and her husband. I asked if they had "read receipts" turned on in their Messages settings, and someone joked that I was causing more problems than I was solving.

All I can say is this: When married person A meets spouse B coming in the door and says to B, "I thought you were bringing dinner home," and B has absolutely no idea what you're talking about? And then A points out a message about it 45 minutes earlier, and B had no idea that message was even there? Nobody wins.

[Last modified: Thursday, March 27, 2014 2:31pm]


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