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Sports headphones stay put during workouts

The Motorola SF200 sports headphones are designed to stay put during exercising.

Lyra Solochek, Tampa Bay Times

The Motorola SF200 sports headphones are designed to stay put during exercising.



Wearing headphones can be a challenge when you're exercising. So many don't stay on your ears because of all the jostling, especially when you start perspiring.

With fitness buffs in mind, Motorola came out with the SF200 headphones. Designed with over-the-ear loop that hooks around the back of the ears, the headset is designed to stay in place. The loop is skinny enough to be able to wear even with glasses or sunglasses on. In fact, I think it stays on better that way, and didn't hurt like some other headsets with bulky loops.

I had my husband test it out when he went to the gym. He says the ear pieces stayed on during all the exercising, and never fell out or slipped. He was able to hear his music on the iPod even though the treadmills were located under the gym's speakers blaring out some "workout" music. But the SF200 doesn't completely block out outside noise, which is ideal if you're jogging along the road.

For me, the arc of the loop was too high, and didn't fit my ears well. The earpieces fit better with sunglasses on, however.

The headset comes with four sizes of silicone ear cushions for you to find a good fit. It's water resistant with mesh and silicone seals. The speakers are encased to keep moisture out. (Interestingly, the instruction manual, under the Use and Care section, says to keep the headset away from "Liquid of any kind: Don't expose your product to water, rain, extreme humidity, sweat or other moisture." Hmm.)

With the small built-in control and microphone, you can answer calls, control the volume or skip through music on your player.

Lastly, I appreciated that the cords were bright red, and not black like so many other accessories. Black tends to disappear in a sea of other black gadgets or car upholstery.

Motorola SF200
, $49.99

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