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Use iPhones to track your trick-or-treating crew



Of the four people in my family, only my wife and I carry iPhones (the kids have iPod touches they saved up and bought with their own cash), so this trick wouldn't work so well for us. But in addition to being a handy way to protect your gear from loss and theft, Apple's Find My iPhone feature can be used to keep track of where your tweens and teens are panhandling for candy on Thursday. Macworld's David Chartier has a good rundown.

"Sure," I can hear some of you thinking, "but I already use Find My Friends to keep track of my family. The geofencing feature even warns me if they leave our neighborhood." That's how I can tell that some of you don't know that the iOS 7 changed the way Find My Friends works — to the point that the app is essentially broken. It's unclear whether Apple is planning to drop Find My Friends or is just waiting to upgrade it for some reason, but the app icon's chunky stitched leather sticks out like a sore thumb among the shiny minimalist treatment other Apple apps got for iOS 7. For now, Find My iPhone seems like the only geolocation option Apple's offering.

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 2:59pm]


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