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Exit interview: Sean Bergenheim says Game 7 vs. the Bruins was "the biggest disappointment for me"

In this installment of the exit interviews done while Tampa Bay Lightning players cleaned out their lockers, wing Sean Bergenheim, whose nine playoff goals made him one of the big stories of the postseason, describes the disappointment of not being able to play in Game 7 with the Bruins and how he sees, or doesn't see (for now) his contract situation playing out.

On what kept him out of Game 7: I don't think there's any point saying what it was. It was something that prevented me -- I wasn't able to skate. We, definitely, with the training staff, did everything if not more than what we could do to try to get me back in there. It seems that every hour of the day I was in some kind of treatment. I felt we did everything we could to get me back there but it wasn't enough. We did different kinds of massages and therapies that's not only going to help the problem area but is going to loosen things up around it. Eventually, the thing was that I wouldn't be able to help the team. It wasn't a nice game to watch from the stands, that's for sure.

On how he was hurt: It was just something that was there the previous game and just became worse and I couldn't go.

On getting tangled up with Dennis Seidenburg in Game 5, when he was hurt: No, that was just a charley horse. I got a charley horse but that wouldn't keep me out. That hurt but it's something you play through. 

On looking good in warm-ups for Game 7: Yeah, when it was controlled. But I think in games when you can't control how you skate, I think it was just I couldn't go. It was too painful, and I think if I would have played I definitely would not have been able to play later on. It was unfortunate.

On how difficult it was to watch: You want to be part of that game so much, help the team and do whatever. Watching it, it was just so frustrating. You can't do anything. You see everybody else battling, and I don't think I've been as nervous about a game, watching a hockey game like that in probably, I can't remember. I hope I don't have to do that again.

On returning in 2011-12: Obviously, I've thought about it and I've really liked it here a lot. But that's something we haven't talked with the team. If they want me back, they'll contact my agent and that's how it always goes and we'll see. But like I said, I like to play for this organization. It's a very good organization. It's a good team, the teammates we have, the coaching staff, it's a great thing for a player to be part of.

On his postseason: I think (my name) is out there more now than what it has been before. It felt obviously good to be able to help the team. And, again, my line, we did a good job and, obviously, a lot of the guys, everybody did a very good job. What we did I thought helped the team and we feel good about that.

On his criteria for picking a team: That's too early for me to comment on. I haven't thought about ... I can't really answer that. We'll see. There's not five or six teams that want me right now. I'm a Lightning, still, and July 1, that's when I can talk to other teams. Hopefully, it won't go there but we'll see.

On Tampa Bay being a destination for players: Definitely. I think a lot has happened to this organization this year. It's been a great turnaround from a few bad years. It's such a great place to live and to play hockey. I see many players want to play here.

On dealing with emotions of the season: It is hard. After that game I would say it was probably the biggest disappointment for me, personally. I know a lot of guys feel the same way, losing that game, because you come so close to being able to play for the Stanley Cup. Everybody felt that we could have won it. You play for a team where everybody is close in here and you don't know what the team is going to look like next year. But we really have a special, special feeling amongst this group.

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