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He wanted a rematch



That was it. That's what Andre Roy said had him so hot and bothered March 6 against the Flyers. He got rung up by Riley Cote with one punch, was upset that he looked bad and wanted to go at him again. He was hot in the locker room between the second and third periods and when the Wachovia Center kept showing the replay and the fans were chirping and the Flyers laughing, he went off.

"There team smiling and laughing when I looked over, that got me even more pissed off,'' Roy said. "They showed no respect, some of the guys there. For what we do, we all have a job to do.''

Even so, Roy said he "overreacted'' on the bench when he pointed fingers at the Flyers bench, made throat-slashing motions and yelled, "You're (bleepin') dead.'' It was then coach John Tortorella grabbed Roy by the shoulders and pushed him down into his seat on the bench.

"I'm in a zone where ... enforcers, we understand, sometimes when you get mad you go in this zone where, I can't explain it,'' Roy said.

Tortorella didn't want to talk about it, as usual. But Roy said he hoped the incident is behind him. He's going to shut up and play his game and he hopes this does not affect the Lightning's willingness to sign him during the summer. As forgetting in  game, it may happen but not anytime soon. That in and of itself will be a god test for Roy to see how he handles the adversity of being around the team but not being able to play. How does he practice, how does he prepare? The coaches and management certainly will be watching.

"I just want to be part of this right now, to be with the team,'' Roy said. "If I don't play, I don't. I'm just going to work hard and o my best, my usual thing.''

Pretty good fight in practice between defenseman Shane O'Brien and forward Karl Stewart. A bit of a height mismatch as O'Brien is 6-foot-2, 224 and Stewart is 5-11, 185. O'Brien got in several good shots to Stewart's face before Vinny Lecavalier and Marty St. Louis stepped in to break things up. O'Brien, though, kept shaking his left (punching) hand and had to go off the ice for a moment. He said in the locker room he was fine.

Stewart said it was just one of those things.

"Just part of the battles,'' he said. "We were battling. Just two competitive guys going at it.''

Also, defenseman Mike Lundin practiced and said his sore left ankle had healed up faster than he thought it would and did not have much swelling.

It was unclear who would be in the lineup defensively Wednesday against the Sabres.

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