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Little information as lights go out at the Prudential Center



As I write this, the game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Devils has been delayed 90 minutes because the lights on one half of the Prudential Center ice have gone out. And like that little old lady who fell and can't get up, there seems to be nothing the people who run the building can do about it.

Too bad for the Lightning, too, because even though it has been outshot 20-7 at this point -- there's 9:12 left in the second period -- it is ahead 3-0 on the No. 1 team in the East. A couple of busted plays went Tampa Bay's way, but isn't it time the team got a few breaks?

Don't know what more there is to say at this point. There have been zero announcements to let the fans or reporters know what is going on other than the stunning revelation by the PA announcer that the players had left the ice and would return when the lights came on. You know, if he hadn't said that I'm not sure we would have been able to figure it out.

Not much coming out of the league at this point, either. Hockey operations guy Mike Murphy was rushed to take another phone call but said the game would be played. But with so little progress on the lights to this point, you have to wonder. You also have to wonder when do you start worrying about players being hurt if they tried to play after such a long delay.

Steve Downie and Steven Stamkos are sitting on the bench chatting. We saw Lightning GM Brian Lawton and Devils GM Lou Lamoriello talking in the runway leading to the Devils locker room.

And so, we wait. And you, too. Just a bad scene here with the stands quickly emptying out, and no one offering any hope as to how this is going to be resolved.

[Last modified: Sunday, February 7, 2010 12:15am]


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