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Too many minutes?



The New Jersey media has really grabbed hold of the high number of minutes played by Vinny 4, Marty, Brad and Dan Boyle. Can't go a day without several questions cropping up. Having seen the guys play as many minutes as they have all season and not seem affected by it, the minutes don't seem a big deal. In fact, Boyle today spoke again of how good he felt and how the third period of Game 1, in which he played 29 minutes, was is best.

Torts was funny today when he said he has never read in the coach's manual that forwards, especially, can't play more than 20 minutes a game. What he didn't say is his hand has been forced to a certain extent, in several ways.

First of all, why not play those guys crazy minutes if they can handle it? And they apparently can. Torts gives the guys plenty of days off during the season to recuperate and this is one of the league's best-conditioned teams. On the other hand, Torts doesn't have anywhere else he can go. I mean, who, of the players getting less minutes, would you say is being underutilized?

I say let them play.

[Last modified: Sunday, August 16, 2009 4:37pm]


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