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NHL makes changes to draft lottery system



The National Hockey League announced changes to its draft lottery system Wednesday, hoping to reflect the overall state of competitive balance.

It results in a more evenly-balanced allocation of odds, with the 10 highest finishing non-playoff qualifying teams receiving higher (or better) odds than they had previously, and the four lowest-finishing teams getting lower (worse) odds. These set of odds will remain in effect year-to-year in the future.

It makes it more difficult for the worst team in the league to get the No. 1 overalll pick, with their chances going from 25-percent to 20-percent.

Here's how the odds shake out.

Non-Playoff Team     New Draft Lottery Odds     Odds Under Former Allocation
(Fewest Pts. to Most)
1                                           20.00%     25.00%
2                                           13.50%     18.80%
3                                           11.50%     14.20%
4                                             9.50%     10.70%
5                                             8.50%     8.10%
6                                             7.50%     6.20%
7                                             6.50%     4.70%
8                                             6.00%     3.60%
9                                             5.00%     2.70%
10                                           3.50%     2.10%
11                                           3.00%     1.50%
12                                           2.50%     1.10%
13                                           2.00%     0.80%
14                                           1.00%     0.50%

Also, the NHL announced the draft lottery will be used to assign the top three drafting slots, starting in 2016, as opposed to just the top overall pick.

There will be three draws, one to determine the club picking first overall, another to determine who picks second, and another to decide who picks third. As a result, the team with the fewest points during the regular season will no longer be guaranteed, at worst, the second overall pick. That club could go as low as fourth overall.

The 11 Clubs not selected in the Draft Lottery will be assigned NHL Draft selections 4 through 14, in inverse order of regular-season points.

[Last modified: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:40pm]


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