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Short shift Q&A with Lightning's Slater Koekkoek



Lightning defenseman Slater Koekkoek had a blast doing a Q&A with fans on Twitter during training camp. So we thought we'd give it a shot, tackling several topics with the 22-year-old.

Times: How did you get the name Slater?
Koekkoek: My mom drove by "Slater Excavating," it was a gravel pit. She liked the name. Everyone always comes up to me and asked if my parents were "Saved by the Bell" fans. It was not that.

Times: So you're not a "Saved by the Bell" fan?
Koekkoek: I loved Save by the Bell. It was one of my favorite shows before school. And Slater is my favorite character.

Times: Why did you pick No. 29?
Koekkoek: Two times nine is 18. My birthday is Feb. 18, my mom's is May 18. A bunch of other stuff from my family has happened on the 18th. But Mr. (Ondrej) Palat took 18.

Times: Favorite TV show?
Koekkoek: Lost. I just re-started Dexter though. I like that one too.

Times: Top movie?
Koekkoek: Probably "The Dark Knight Rises."

Times: I know you have many superstitions. Any interesting ones?
Koekkoek: I don't like saying any of them because then I have to switch them. A lot stuff, order of equipment. Everyone always laughs at me, but I have to nap with the curtain's open. I don't like darkness.

Times: You don't need a "night light" do you?
Koekkoek: No, oh no.

Times: Favorite sport other than hockey?
Koekkoek: Fishing. I love fishing, one of my favorites. Anytime I can go I try to go. I brought all my fishing gear.

Times: Most famous person you met?
Koekkoek: I met (producer) Jerry Bruckheimer. At the time, I didn't really know who he was. But you see how many movies he makes, it's pretty cool.

Times: Band you'd like to be on stage with?
Koekkoek: That's a tough one. I saw Dierk's Bentley this summer, I'd love to be on stage with him. But maybe AC/DC.

Times: Any musical talent?
Koekkoek: I tried to learn guitar once but I gave up. I failed drums in grade 7 in school? I got moved to the concert bells.

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