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Jim Harbaugh remains a world beater

Jim Harbaugh makes college football interesting, unpredictable and fun, Martin Fennelly writes.

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Jim Harbaugh makes college football interesting, unpredictable and fun, Martin Fennelly writes.



Jim Harbaugh has crossed the Rubicon.

And I love it.

Michigan’s daffy, driven head coach has marched on Rome with his team and family. Field trip.

At the Vatican, Harbaugh handed a Wolverines helmet and Jordan shoes to: Pope Francis.

Talk about team building.

Then he addressed the media.

Harbaugh, that is, not the Pope. Harbaugh wore a suit – and a Michigan cap.

I’m not making that up.

I’m not making any of this up.

You couldn’t make up Jim Harbaugh if you tried.

Don’t you love it?

Harbaugh makes college football interesting, unpredictable and fun.

Of course, Michigan is holding three practices in Italy, too.

We have no news of Nick Saban and Alabama planning a visit to the Holy Land.

Jim Harbaugh has yet to beat Urban Meyer as Michigan coach, or win a championship. He couldn’t beat Jimbo Fisher Florida State in the bowl game last season.


Any of those guys hooked up with the Pope lately?

Harbaugh at the Vatican.

Sure beats three days at IMG.

Michigan’s coach is so far out front of everyone else when it comes to branding that it’s sick. He’s like six countries and one Holy Father ahead of everyone else. He’s a mastermind with a capital big block M.

Harbaugh won’t be satisfied until there are plans for a Michigan space launch and a satellite camp on an actual satellite. Okay, he’ll settle for Amazon rainforest tribes singing “Hail! To the victors valiant.”

Don’t you love it?

Back here in the Land of Funny, Florida legend Steve Spurrier, appearing on The Paul Finebaum Show, gave his take on Harbaugh and Michigan’s spring fling in Italy.

“That sounds like a recruiting advantage, doesn’t it?” The HBC said. “I’m sure they’ll pass a rule that you can’t do it after this year. But you’ve got to give Jim credit. He does think differently.”

College football should thank its maker for that.

[Last modified: Thursday, April 27, 2017 6:05pm]


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