Monday, October 22, 2018
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Playoff baseball: Pay no attention to the sleeping child

It's the usual postseason routine.

Sometime tonight, very late tonight, Fox Sports cameras will search the stands at Yankee Stadium and find a sleeping child in his seat, or slumped against a parent’s shoulder as the Yankees and Houston Astros battle on in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.

And the announcer will make a snappy comment.

And I will throw something. Again.

It happened last Thursday night, well after midnight, toward the end of the fifth and deciding game of the National League Division Series, won by the Cubs, 9-8. Twelve pitching changes. Time of game: 4 hours, 37 minutes. End of game: 12:45 a.m.

The camera found a sleeping child.

The announcer said something like, “We’ll wake you up if there’s any more scoring.”

Spare us already.

Baseball and TV made this mess.

So, let’s just roll around in it, shall we?

Late playoff baseball is a pandemic. We are raising an entire generation of baseball fans – losing them, really – with criminally late start times and pathologically slow game pace.

But can we at least be spared the cheeky humor?

Shut up and call the games. Stop pointing out all the kids who slept through it.

Because it’s your fault.