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MoviePass offers unlimited movies at theaters for $10 a month — what you need to know

MoviePass will let customers see up to one movie, every day, for $10 a month.


MoviePass will let customers see up to one movie, every day, for $10 a month.

There's now a service that says it will let you watch as many movies as you want for one monthly price: MoviePass. 

It's not online streaming, or kiosk rentals, but new movies in theaters, up to one per day, every single day, for $10 a month.

MoviePass isn't actually a new service, it's been around for several years with a higher price tag, but many, many people found out about it on Tuesday when the CEO, a Netflix co-founder and former Redbox exec, implemented a radical move to drop the price to $10 per month.

Interest was so high that the site MoviePass site crashed and the app slowed to a crawl, with frustrating error messages and non-responsive customer service, but, if you were determined and patient, you could eventually sign up for a subscription (I know, because I did). 

How can MoviePass offer this service for $10 a month when the cost of a single movie ticket can be more than that? According to Bloomberg, the company just sold a large stake to a data company, which likely plans to sell that sweet, sweet data on your movie-going habits. It must be valuable, since MoviePass will reportedly pay the theater for the full price of a ticket every time you use it. …

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Designer's 'I hate I-275' sticker is a hit

Corey Banks said his "I hate I-275" stickers are selling quickly.

CoreyDanks store on Etsy

Corey Banks said his "I hate I-275" stickers are selling quickly.

A graphic designer says he's scored a modest hit with a sticker reading "I hate I-275."

The irony is that Corey Danks, 26, of Philadelphia, has never even driven the interstate known to frustrate Tampa's rush hour commuters with a bottleneck at the spot sometimes known as "malfunction junction," where it joins Interstate 4.

Danks' other best-selling sticker, he says, is the one that reads "I hate I-4."

Danks posted a photo of the I-275 sticker in a Tampa forum online on Monday and received hundreds of responses. He then posted a link to his Etsy store where he said sales of the sticker have been building ever since. 

Danks said he started out by designing stickers reading "I hate I-76," a reference to a highway that passes through Philly, but started getting requests to lampoon other highways around the U.S. He has made one for the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and several others. 

But "I-275 and I-4 have been the most requested for sure, and they're selling the best by far," Banks said. "Anything around Tampa or Orlando, it really seems like people do not like the highways there."

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Oprah's revealing Vogue interview: Why she didn't marry Stedman, or apologize for gaining weight

Oprah Winfrey opened up in a new interview with Vogue magazine.

Associated Press

Oprah Winfrey opened up in a new interview with Vogue magazine.

Oprah Winfrey isn't apologizing for anything, especially not her weight. 

The media mogul and former talk show host sat down for an interview at her estate nicknamed "The Promised Land" to tellVogue magazine that the high-profile fluctuations in her weight over the years were "a physical, spiritual, emotional burden" for her. But she says that when you hit 60, there are no more apologies.

She also spoke about the end of her 2011 show, why she didn't marry, her spiral into mac and cheese after Beloved flopped, and the most luxurious item she owns (a bathtub custom molded to her body).


"Nobody believes it, but it's true. The only time I brought it up was when I said to Stedman, 'What would have happened if we had actually gotten married?' And the answer is: 'We wouldn't be together.' We would not have stayed together, because marriage requires a different way of being in this world," she said. "His interpretation of what it means to be a husband and what it would mean for me to be a wife would have been pretty traditional, and I would not have been able to fit into that."


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Get your Disney movie fix with these 63 titles before they leave Netflix

Dan Stevens and Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast.


Dan Stevens and Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast.

Last week, Disney announced it would pull its titles from Netflix to launch its own streaming service.

Don't worry just yet, your favorite Disney movies have a home on the world's largest streaming service until 2019.

Disney CEO Bob Iger offered few details apart from the standard announcement, but said anything Disney or Pixar-branded would likely find a home on the new streaming service. And new releases Beauty and the Beast, Cars 3, Coco and Pirates of the Caribbean are still slated to hit Netflix in the coming months and into 2018.

What about Disney-owned Star Wars and Marvel films? It's yet to be determined if a galaxy far, far away and those comic book heroes will join the others.

FULL STORY: Disney to launch streaming service for movies and live sports

If you've been craving a Disney movie marathon, now's the best time to dive into these 63 titles.

Beauty and the Beast (coming to Netflix next month): Disney's second foray into live action remakes tells the tale of bookworm Belle falling in love with a beastly cursed prince. Stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. …

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Halloween Horror Nights brings 'Saw: The Games of Jigsaw' to Universal Orlando

Saw: The Games of Jigsaw comes to this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

Universal Orlando

Saw: The Games of Jigsaw comes to this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

Universal wants to play a game.

For its 27th year of Halloween Horror Nights, the Orlando theme park brings back the popular Saw house, the theme park announced Monday.

Saw: The Games of Jigsaw, inspired by the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures horror film franchise, brings to life some of the most terrifying games seen in the films. The new maze pits guests against the twisted master craftsman, Jigsaw, and his collection of sadistic traps, including some horrors from the upcoming origins film Jigsaw.

"Saw is one of the top grossing horror film franchises, and we're thrilled that the fan-favorite is making its return to Halloween Horror Nights," John Murdy, creative director at Universal Studios Hollywood and executive producer of Halloween Horror Nights, said in a release. "Saw: The Games of Jigsaw wil encompass the greatest collection of traps featured in all eight Saw movies to bring to life the most twisted Saw maze ever produced, and we can't wait for our fans to relive the moments from the films." …

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Game of Thrones: 5 game-changing reveals from 'Eastwatch'

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington as Daenerys and Jon in Game of Thrones.


Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington as Daenerys and Jon in Game of Thrones.

Season 7 is really coming through with the soapy drama, game-changing revelations and fiery dragons.

Last night's fifth episode packed everything there is to love about Game of Thrones into one neat episode -- Bastards! Incest! Dragons! Treason! More confirmation of Jon Snow's parentage!

LAST WEEK: Daggers and dragons steal the show in The Spoils of War

All of it quickly connected the dots to a deluge of answers that has this Game of Thrones fan considering reading the books all over again.

But Eastwatch was overwhelming and a bit disorienting. Let's break it down.

We quickly saw that Jaime did not drown last week. Bronn saved him from Drogon's fire and from sinking into the dark abyss. What a pal.

It's been a rough couple weeks for Jaime. He's battled a dragon and learned the truth about his son Joffrey's death rather close together. And this week he meets with his brother, Tyrion, who snuck into Kings Landing. …

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In Case You Missed It: Tom Cruise injures himself during a stunt for 'Mission: Impossible 6;' 94-year-old man installs pool for kids; Bruno Mars to donate $1 million to Flint water crisis

94-year-old Keith Davison watches the neighborhood children play in his new backyard pool. [Photo from video]

[Photo from video]

94-year-old Keith Davison watches the neighborhood children play in his new backyard pool. [Photo from video]

Weekends are great for unwinding, and maybe even unplugging for a little while. Here's what trended that you might have missed if you weren't on social media the last couple days.

Tom Cruise injures himself while filming a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6

Tom Cruise is currently in London filming the six installment of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise and the 55-year-old actor is famous for insisting on doing his own stunts.

But on Sunday, he fell short of a big leap between builldings and appears to have injured his leg.

Video originally obtained by TMZ and released on Sunday shows Cruise attempting to jump from one ledge of a building onto another while strapped in a safety harness. When he falls short, his body slams into the side of the structure. 

He pulls himself up on the roof and starts limping heavily. He eventually is pulled back to the rigging on the harness and is led off camera, staggering and being partially held up by the crew.

The extent of his injuries are still unknown. 

Man, 94, installs pool for neighborhood kids after wife dies

A 94-year-old man from Minnesota added quite the addition to his backyard. …

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What to watch this weekend: 'Atypical,' catch up with the Defenders before their Netflix debut

Keir Gilchrist stars as an autistic teenager in Atypical.


Keir Gilchrist stars as an autistic teenager in Atypical.

High-functioning: Atypical

Sam (Keir Gilchrist) is an 18-year-old senior in high school trying to figure out his place in the world. He's also on the autism spectrum. He would actually be considered high-functioning. He's got a job at an electronics store with his best friend, an adorable relationship with his protective older sister and just decided he wants to "put himself out there" and start dating. Atypical is a new family dramedy about growing up autistic and searching for love and independence, even if Sam's story isn't representative of all people on the spectrum. The series will make you uncomfortable at times, and you'll want to scream in outrage when Sam gets picked on by horrible teenagers. But the best parts come when Sam and sister Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine) have heart-to-hearts and whenever he gushes his vast knowledge and love of penguins. Now streaming on Netflix.

Get to know The Defenders …

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This week's celebrity engagements, arrests and baby news

Getty Images

Baby news: Actors Nikki Reed (Twilight) and Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) welcomed their first child on July 25, a girl named Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder. "This has been the most special time of our lives and we wanted to keep it between the three of us for as long as possible so we could enjoy this time with each other and our little one who is growing so fast...because that's what they do, they grow so fast," Somerhalder wrote on Instagram. "Thank you for your kind energy." The two married in April 2015.

Baby news: Mama June is about to be Grandma June again. The reality star's daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, 17, is pregnant. Shannon shared photos of her sonogram alongside fiance Joshua Efird on Twitter. "So now that the news is out me and josh are expecting a little one," she wrote. "So happy to start this new adventure with him. Love you baby."

Baby news: Actor/comedian Andy Samberg and his wife, singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom, had a big surprise this week. A baby girl. This is the first child for the couple, who married in 2013. …

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Here's what you missed from Taylor Swift's testimony


Taylor Swift finally delivered her testimony Thursday in a Denver court, describing the 2013 incident when a radio DJ allegedly groped her from behind as horrifying, shocking and intentional.

The pop star accused former Denver disc jockey David Mueller of inappropriately touching her during a meet-and-greet photo opportunity, saying he put his hand under her skirt. The station fired Mueller two days later after the allegations.

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Taylor Swift expected to testify in groping case in Denver

In 2015, Mueller sued Swift, her mom and her radio promotions director, alleging that he was fired under false accusations and is seeking $3 million in damages. Swift, 23 at the time, filed a countersuit  accusing Mueller of sexual assault.

She's seeking $1, mainly wanting Mueller held responsible.

The trial has focused on the photo from the meet-and-greet, which shows Swift, Mueller and Shannon Melcher, his then-girlfriend, posing with Mueller's hand hidden behind swift.

Here's what Swift said during the trial:

On if it could have been someone else:

"This is what happened, it happened to me, I know it was him."

On not being critical of her bodyguard: …

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Bruce Springsteen is heading to Broadway — but good luck getting tickets

New York Times

Dude, did you hear? Bruce Springsteen is heading to Broadway! He’s playing this tiny, 960-seat theater — that’s barely bigger than the State Theatre in St. Petersburg — and he’s doing it for eight whole weeks, from Oct. 3 to Nov. 26! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We should totally go!

Okay, fine, tickets are kind of pricey, starting at $75 and going all the way up to $850. But that’s the price of seeing Bruce in a small club, right? BRUUUUUUCE!

“With one or two exceptions, the 960 seats of the Walter Kerr Theatre is probably the smallest venue I’ve played in the last 40 years,” he said in an announcement. “My show is just me, the guitar, the piano and the words and music. Some of the show is spoken, some of it is sung. It loosely follows the arc of my life and my work.”

Awesome. So we’re in agreement, we should log onto Ticketmaster and grab a few seats?

Actually, it’s not quite that simple. That is one of the steps, yes, but you can’t just start there. That would make it too easy for scalpers to get their oily mitts in the pot. Bruce wants to keep tickets in the hands of the working man, the blue-collar Joes and Janes who deserve better than such an undignified hassle. …

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Chester Bennington’s wife thanks James Corden for giving the family final say over 'Carpool Karaoke' episode

Chester Bennington


Chester Bennington

Just six days before his death, Chester Bennington and Linkin Park joined James Corden for an episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series, a spinoff of Corden's Late Late Show segment . Now, the future of that episode will be up to Bennington's family, Corden told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

"We will approach it in whichever manner his family or the people that were involved in that episode, however they would like it to be handled," he said. "We will navigate it as delicately as possible and just adhere to whatever wishes they would want because I don't think there's any other way we could deal with it, really."

"It's completely up to them," he said.

Bennington, 41, a father of six, died from suicide on July 20.

Bennington's wife, Talinda, thanked Corden on Twitter for letting the family decide how the footage should be used.

Thank you @JKCorden

The Linkin Park episode was filmed on July 14 and was originally slated to air sometime in October via Apple Music. The episode featured the band singing with actor Ken Jeong.


Fun day with @kenjeong @CarpoolKaraoke @AppleMusic - stay tuned.

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Princess Diana: A guide to all the TV specials celebrating her life 20 years after her death

Princess Diana on her wedding day to Prince Charles.

Times files

Princess Diana on her wedding day to Prince Charles.

Aug. 31 marks 20 years since the death of Princess Diana, a tragedy that gripped the world for months. Naturally, the world commemorates the anniversary by looking back through numerous TV specials chronicling her life and legacy two decades later.

Put these specials on your watch lists to remember the "People's Princess."

Times files (1989)

Princess Diana and her sons Princes Harry and William.

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy

Possibly the most intimate documentary commemorating the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, HBO's Diana, Our Mother begins with her two sons, Princes William and Harry, poring over old photographs of the three of them. The film takes viewers through Diana's life not just as the "People's Princess" but also through the eyes of those closest to her - her sons. It provides a heartbreaking, yet insightful glimpse at who Diana was when she wasn't a beloved princess. Watch on HBO Go or HBO Now.

Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason …

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Game of Thrones: Daggers and dragons steal the show in 'The Spoils of War'

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones.

Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion have come so far since hatching from their eggs in Season 1.

The fourth episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones started out with icy calm reunions of the remaining Stark children and ended with the full, fiery force of a dragon against a helpless army.

Oh, and we need to talk about that perilous cliffhanger.

LAST WEEK: The queens got justice and the meeting of Ice and Fire on Game of Thrones

Arya isn't a little girl anymore. She's a fierce fighter who's seen and done some great and terrible things.

This week, it was her turn to come home to Winterfell. And after a brief holdup at the front gate with a couple of idiotic guards, she reunites with Sansa - ahem, Lady Stark - in the crypts.

Their reunion is less stiff than Sansa and Bran's, but Sansa can definitely tell Ayra is changed. Well, Arya is technically a skilled assassin with an unfinished kill list. So, yeah, she's changed.

Next is meeting up with Bran, who's still on his absent existentialism kick but just got a medieval wheelchair to help him get around. I really didn't expect Bran to turn into Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen, but here we are. …

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What to watch this weekend: 'Sharknado 5,' 'Comrade Detective'

Tara Reid and Ian Ziering in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.


Tara Reid and Ian Ziering in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

Spoof: Comrade Detective

If you're looking for something absurd, yet weirdly brilliant, give Comrade Detective a watch. Amazon's newest comedy, from Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I KNOW), is made to feel like a real 1980s Romanian cop show that was created by the government in the midst of Cold War hysteria. Real Romanian actors perform in the series, but are hilariously overdubbed by familiar American voices. It feels silly and outdated, yet the Communist propaganda parody is full of Marx references and witty nationalist gibes. Tatum and Gordon-Levitt voice the lead cops, but tune in for the voices of Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Fred Armisen and Kim Basinger, among others. Now streaming on Amazon.

RELATED: 3 wonderfully weird shows premiering next week: Comrade Detective, The Lowe Files, What Would Diplo Do?

Global Swarming: Sharknado 5 …

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