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5 gift ideas for TV-loving couch potatoes



Since I love shopping in my jammies online instead of elbowing rabid Black Friday shoppers out of the way, DVDs and TV-themed gifts are a great solution. But what's new and cool this year? Have no fear, dear reader. We've got you covered. Put on something flannel and shop-surf with us because there's some goodies for Breaking Bad fans, comedy lovers and a Dr. Who twist on Yahtzee.

1. Breaking Bad Today marks the new release of the final season and complete series collector’s set of AMC's much-beloved Breaking Bad, the story of a chemistry teacher who gets cancer and makes the natural choice of becoming a meth king to ensure his family's financial future (One of my favorite memes this year was this one of Breaking Bad Canada). Fans can choose from a $55.99 set of the last eight episodes, or they can relive it all thanks to a $299.99 set containing all 62 shows, with plenty of extras (Shop wisely! I'm seeing it for half that price on Amazon) The swag on the collector's set is immense (and so is the price) but you get a two-plus-hour documentary about the making of the final eight episodes. It includes footage of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading the series finale for the first time and how they filmed Walt’s chilling advice to Hank to “tread lightly. I think I want it just for the collectible replica money barrel and the Los Pollos Hermanos apron.

2. Anchorman Unrated Rich Mahogany Edition Just in time for the sequel, Paramount is releasing a new "Rich Mahogany Edition" of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. It comes with the previously released movie material as well as some swag such as a set of trading cards,  Ron’s personal 32-page diary “The Many Months of Burgundy” and 36 deleted and extended scenes. You can pre-order it before its Dec. 3 release for $21.98.

3. Myster Science Theater 3000 -- 25th Anniversary Edition Collector's Set We are already set to spend Turkey Day on the MST3K website because as "sci-fi dorks of a certain age," my colleague Josh Gillin noted, we remember fondly Comedy Central's Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathons on Thanksgiving and have missed them since 1997 (when the show left the network for the Sci Fi Channel). The quirky comedy series was a combo of a kids' puppet show and a Saturday afternoon creature feature. (Any other longtime Tampa Bay denizens remember the awesome Dr. Paul Bearer, host of Creature Feature on Ch. 44? God, I loved that as a kid). MST3K's anniversary set offers a whole lot of smart, razor-sharp comedy that glories in the pleasure of poking fun at lousy movies. The Anniversary Edition includes four never-released episodes and a new look back at the history of the show. It retails for $64.99 but I've found it for $49.99 on some sites.

4. Bad movies we love Think of it as your own personal Mystery Science Theater marathon. Get some bad movies, start the blender and spend a night making fun of them.  Lindsay Lohan continues her decent into obscurity with the less-than-satisfying erotic thriller The Canyons. In a painfully self-aware and over-sexed performance, Lohan plays a failed actress who’s become the Malibu concubine of a trust fund brat (played by real world porn king James Deen). Or check out Jobs, a movie that earned Ashton Kutcher the most scathing reviews of his career. Since I have a half dozen iPod, iPhone and iPad chargers around the house, I have a lot of curiousity about the odd fellow behind the sleek devices. Kutcher stars as Steve Jobs in a biographical drama that critics said felt like a feature-length Saturday Night Live skit — without a single funny line. It comes out today on DVD and Blu-Ray. 

5. Yahtzee: Doctor Who Collector's Edition: This isn't a DVD but it's a classic game based on a TV show. Since the good Doctor is celebrating his 50th this year there's a whole bunch of Who stuff on the market . But I just love this Who-themed Yahtzee set with a Tardis dice cup with five custom dice featuring iconic Doctor Who foes.  It's $24.99 from Usopoly, found on several online sites. Roll three Daleks and two Cybermen for a full house. If you roll five Weeping Angels, you've got the quantum locked high-scoring, "Yahtzee!"

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