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A brief analysis of Tiffany Trump's pop song 'Like a Bird' (w/audio)

Tiffany Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday.

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Tiffany Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday.



Donald Trump's 22-year-old daughter Tiffany Trump stepped out of the shadows (if you call a public Instagram account with 174,000 followers "the shadows") and into the spotlight Tuesday when she spoke at the Republican National Convention. 

Politics aside, the speech has renewed interest in the heavily auto-tuned single that the recent Ivy-League grad put out when she was 18, Like a Birdwhich reappeared on YoutTube shortly after she spoke at the RNC.

The critics (and by "critics" I mean random commenters on YouTube) are giving it mixed reviews. A sampling:


"This legit sounds like one of those weird ringtones that come on flip phones," said user renjilover11.

Most of the comments, though, were talking about the track's sound, and not necessarily its lyrical content, so let's take a look at the lyrics. 

Diamonds are so shimmery

Special things uncover me

You know, whatcha say

Baby, baby, don't you go

Obsessing over crazy things

I just want serenity

While living it up

The reference to diamonds could be a reference to herself, since Tiffany Trump was reportedly named after the high-end jewelry line Tiffany. That would suggest that Tiffany Trump herself might be shimmery, which, as those with shiny skin issues know, can be a real struggle. 


I see you like that spot above

Crawling through the liquid love



You're cute and you're tweeting me

Baby you go beep beep beep

You may have assumed that Tiffany Trump was singing about a person, but not so fast. I think she could be referring to an alarm clock or a smoke alarm. 


Like a bird like a bird like a bird

We fly away

Like a bird like a bird like a bird

See those sunny days ...

I need to escape this place

Is she singing about flying on her dad's private jet? Perhaps on her way home to California, where she lived most of her life, keeping a continent between her and her dad in NYC. Or is she singing about this pool float, which looks "like a bird."


Designer jeans, behind the scenes

Kinda like that drama that Madonna brings

In the "John Miller" phone call, the Donald Trump spokesman that sounded a lot like Donald Trump claimed that Madonna totally wanted to go out with him. Is this proof that John Miller exists?! The answer is no.


Play in my escape, in the drop top coupe.

We living it up, shine like aluminum foil in the club.

The moon and the stars ain't got nothing on us.

For the daughter of a billionaire and a woman whose Instagram features enough truffles to choke one of those pigs that sniffs out truffles, "shine like aluminum foil" is actually a pretty creative word choice.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 20, 2016 4:20pm]


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