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'Doctor Who,' Season 9, Episode 3: A little predictable, but third time's a charm

I liked this episode the best so far in the season.


I liked this episode the best so far in the season.



Our guest blogger, 12-year-old Wade Smith gives a kid’s take on Dr. Who. It’s probably not too different from that of older fans. Wade has watched all Doctor episodes from the beginning, of course, after becoming hooked at the ripe old age of 9. The seventh grader is the son of Tampa Bay Times writers Adam Smith and Katherine Snow Smith.

The Five Most Predictable Moments of Doctor Who, Season 9, Episode 3, Under the Lake

1. Only Steven Mofatt would come up with a setting as peculiar as an underwater nuclear power plant infested with eyeless ghosts.

2. Of course when the Doctor and Clara take their eyes off the two ghosts they disappear. Come on, this happens in literally every horror movie or scary show ever. Not to mention it has taken place in multiple Doctor episodes.

3. One joke I liked was: “Who’s in charge here, or in better phrasing, who do I ignore?” It’s to be expected that the Doctor is going to hate the one in charge, which leads me to my next one.

4.The one in charge died. From the start we could all tell that the snobby take-charge man was going to meet his demise.

5. Lastly, the three ghouls separating. The Doctor should have seen this coming. I mean why wouldn’t they split up?

Even with this series of predicatble events, I really enjoyed this episode a lot more than the last two.

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