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All black panel discusses the news on WEDU-Ch. 3's Florida This Week just before anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death

WEDU-Ch. 3



When I first suggested to the producer of WEDU-Ch. 3's Florida This Week that they consider convening an all-black panel to discuss issues related to the Feb. 26 anniversary of Trayvon Martin's shooting death and Black History Month, I envisioned a show that would put a special focus on issues related to people of color in the Tampa Bay area.

But when I got together with fellow panelists Ken Welch, Eddie Adams Jr. and Dr. Joyce Hamilton Henry last Friday, our discussion unfolded more like a typical Florida This Week panel -- looking at the odd, nitpicky kerfluffle over Marco Rubio's water sip during the GOP rebuttal to the State of the Union, former Florida GOP head Jim Greer's surprise guilty plea, George Zimmerman's expected defense in the trial over his shooting of Trayvon Martin and the drive to fix the voting system in Florida.

In a way, it was interesting to note how a general discussion of political issues still touched on so many topics of concerns to people of color -- from the ultimate impact of Marco Rubio's ascension in the GOP to a New York Times piece noting that Florida had the longest wait times to vote of any state, in a election where blck and Hispanic people waited nearly twice as long as white peple to cast ballots.

Still, I hope the folks at FTW take the time in the future to crat a show specifically focused on diversity issues in the future -- and expand the panel to include minorites from many different cultures -- just to take some time to peer at the reality of Florida's race issues.

Check out our episode below:


Watch Friday, February 15, 2013 on PBS. See more from Florida This Week.

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