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'American Horror Story' renewed — here's some creepy and outrageous ideas for the sixth season

American Horror Story has had themes like Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and Hotel. What's next for season six?


American Horror Story has had themes like Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and Hotel. What's next for season six?



Last week, FX announced its hit show American Horror Story will return next year for a sixth season. Since then ideas have been swirling around the Internet, and fans are trying to guess possible themes for the next installment.

We reached out to fellow staffers, friends, family and the interwebz to help us come up with some plausible and downright creepy ideas for season six.


Seclude a bunch of teenagers at a lakeside campsite with no phone reception, crappy cafeteria food and only one road in and you got yourself the makings of a good horror story. Appearances by: sick and twisted camp counselors out for revenge against pesky campers, cafeteria chef with literal skeletons in his closet (and the refrigerator), overly cheerful camp leader who thinks everything is just fine and dandy and, of course, a serial killer on the loose. Basically a bloody version of Wet Hot American Summer with some Friday the 13th influences.


The stories are obvious: creepy nurses, doctors burdened by guilt over lost patients, storage rooms full of spare body parts. A hospital-themed season could draw from season two's Asylum, but with more experimental surgeries or twisted doctors aiming to continually sicken their patients for insurance gains. If the tone could capture even an iota of the suspense during the fake lobotomy scene in Lemony Snicket's A Hostile Hospital, this could be the most terrifying theme yet. The setting could be an old hospital in desperate need of upgrades --- to its structure and staff. A fresh-faced nurse or doctor with a secret past comes to work there looking for a new start, but finds more insidious things waiting.


A season centered around a cult could go so many different ways. Necessities: spiked Kool-aid, mass suicides, references to real-life cults and an unsuspecting young person who wants to escape his or her "totally uncool" life. Or, a small town has an uneasy relationship with cultish group that basically runs the city. The cult brings wealth and safety to the townspeople ... but at a cost.

Area 51

Asylum toyed with the idea of alien abduction and disbelief of the extraterrestrial. This time, let's put the action in the town where it all started: Roswell, N.M. Plop the characters in the late 1940s around the same time that infamous UFO was sighted. Make sure it's the town crazy who spots the flying saucer so nobody believes him/her. The city council, including the mayor, is corrupt and hell bent on covering up any and all extraterrestrial happenings. But when people start turning up dead and dismembered, the council can't hide the truth much longer.


As if spending years in prison isn't enough of a horror story, throw in escaped psychotic inmates, corrupt guards and a warden who uses unruly convicts to do his own sick bidding. Surprise: the prison is also haunted by the ghosts of inmates who died there under mysterious circumstances. Let's throw a bit of Silence of the Lambs and Lana Winters from Asylum into the mix. A local journalist is investigating the gruesome deaths and corruption in the prison. In order to find the truth of what's really going on, this reporter has to consult the deadliest and most insane inmates.

Ghost Town -- North and South

For a northern town, I'm thinking Silent Hill-esque; maybe shot in Centralia, Penn., dubbed "the real Silent Hill." Some natural or manmade disaster wipes out the majority of a quiet, small town (massive fire, terrible snow storm, mysterious sickness) leaving only a handful of inhabitants who refuse to leave. Those who remain have dark secrets and strange ways of living their lives. In comes a cheery family looking for a quiet place to spend a couple nights on their way to a touristy town. Too bad they'll never make it out alive.

For a southern town, use a sultry city with lots of history like Savannah, Ga. or Charleston, S.C. A group of Southern families can trace their roots back to the Civil War, with much of their ancestors being part of the confederacy. The families are ashamed of their heritage, and the children move away to escape their stifling relatives. When they come back for the first time in years, they find that their legacies aren't the only things haunting them. Throw in some flashbacks to the Antebellum days and references to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Children are terrifying. Instead of this orphanage being a safe place for children who lost their parents, make it a torture house run by an evil philanthropist who "collects" children from different backgrounds. He even has a special ward for children cast off because of deformities, disabilities or unusual gifts. To the rest of the town, he comes across as a caring person who takes in lost children. But in reality he's a twisted killer who only sees the children as parts of his collection. Make the setting late 1800s or early 1900s with the main characters being a couple who desperately wish to have a child of their own.

Have any better ideas? We'd love to hear them.

Contact Chelsea Tatham at and on Twitter @chelseatatham.


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