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And now, for your pop culture winner and loser of 2015



The year in pop culture was chock full of winners and losers. We had #squadgoals and Empire and The Dress. We had the Women’s World Cup, that time Ronda Rousey lost, and misspelled champion of champions American Pharoah. Taylor Swift took over the world via befriending fellow superstars and acquiring their fan bases. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence followed suit. Plus, we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t mention Left Shark. Oh, Left Shark. How February things were back then, back before Miley’s naked plastics display.

It is our honor and privilege and job assignment to crown a winner and loser of the year, a tall task indeed. So, without further ado because, let's face it, we all have more important things to do, like selecting the proper wine to pair with our holiday angst:

Caitlyn Jenner. (*ducks flying tomatoes*) 2015 was the year of social justice warriors as the Internet ranneth over with hashtag activism and mostly inexplicable hatred. Everyone’s cause was the most important cause -- because it was about them, you see. Enter Caitlyn Jenner. Her Annie Lebowitz-documented transition, though not an authentic representation of the typical transgender experience, prompted a dialogue that, while uncomfortable for some, largely taught us how to discuss the issues faced by the transgender community with an air of respect that a year ago was unforeseeable. That’s a big deal. Sure, Jenner went full diva on her reality show, I Am Cait, and said during her ESPYs courage award speech that the toughest decision a woman faces is choosing what to wear. Still, the world is a better place after being force-fed the simple concept of tolerance.

Steve Harvey. Right at the buzzer, the comedian ensured that no matter what he accomplishes throughout the course of his career, his biography will always read, “the guy who crowned the wrong Miss Universe.” On the night of Dec. 20, 2015, the host extraordinaire had one job, which was to read a shamefully designed results card correctly on live TV. He failed, and the Internet took note, which should be nominated for Understatement of the Year. Now we’re left to wonder: Is the man behind the resurgence of Family Feud an evil ratings genius? Or did he spark a war between Colombia and the Philippines on accident? Either way, the horror.

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