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Are you ready for some football ads? Our favorite Super Bowl commercials (VIDEO)



There's supposedly some football that will be going on Sunday in between expensive mini films trying to sell us cars, beer, M&Ms and David Beckham's abs. Thanks to the interwebs we already have several hints about what's to come. There will undoubtedly be some surprises but here are some of our favorite teases and early commercial releases to get us ready for the Super Bowl:

Don Cheadle's ad for Bud Light looks promising. A short snippet shows him chatting with a llama saying, "Donnie Llama, I just got that," before stepping onto an elevator. Considering this is a beer ad, could it be referring to the Urban Dictionary's entry that "the Church of The Donnie Llama is based upon free beer and free love?" We think so.


We really love Sarah McLachlan for making fun of herself in an Audi ad, introducing us to a supremely ugly dog hybrid: the Doberhuahua.


This Jaguar ad brings huge star power to a car commercial. It's the British automaker's first Super Bowl ad and it stars British actors Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong as a trio of British villains. But wait, there's more: The spot was directed by Tom Hooper, who won the Oscar for Best Director for The King's Speech in 2011.


The Muppets! Terry Crews! Love.


We've already squealed over the Full House reunion in a Greek yogurt ad, but it's still great to see Uncle Jesse, Danny and Joey in dorky PJs. They've released a few different previews; this one is our favorite.


M&M has tried to create intrigue with this ad titled Abduction.


David Beckham is shirtless in this H&M ad. Need we say more?


Puppies figure prominently in Super Bowl ads this year. There's an adorable Budweiser ad, but Car Max wins for creativity with "Slow Clap," a people version with a Rudy cameo, and "Slow Bark" a puppy version of the same commercial. Both are pretty great.

Here's the people version


And here's the puppy version

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