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Bad idea, Gladiators: 'Scandal' does that thing we were all afraid it would do

RIP James. You will be missed. So will Publius.


RIP James. You will be missed. So will Publius.



Why you gotta rip my heart out like that, Scandal?

Listen, I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, and whether Emmy winner Dan Bucatinsky is ready to move on to bigger and better things beyond this show (psh, as if there is such a thing), but killing off his character James is not Scandal’s brightest idea.

Yes, that’s who got shot last night, an unceremonious death revealed within the first 10 seconds of the episode. We saw this one coming last week, and we’re very sad to be right about it.

To add to this distressful development, half of the episode was a set of sweet flashbacks to the first time Cyrus and James met. As if grieving for a fictional character wasn’t hard enough!

But back to this all being a horrible idea for the show, our personal feelings aside. James is Cyrus’ best foil. He also happens to be his husband, and Jeff Perry and Dan Bucatinsky have amazing chemistry together. (CAN’T EVEN HANDLE that scene of them kissing for the first time. So good.) Losing that partnership is losing one of the best things about Scandal, one of the most fiery, diabolical relationships on the show and one of the most compelling gay couples on TV. Not to mention we can't ever stand to look at Cyrus’ heartbroken cry face again.

More thoughts about one of Scandal’s most upsetting episodes:

  • The James/Cyrus flashbacks were too adorable to handle in light of present-day events, but at least they gave us that scene when they meet for the first time. And this, from James to Cyrus: “You really think i’m gonna take fashion advice from a guy with a neck beard?”
  • Pretty sure at this point it’s written into Joe "Papa Pope" Morton’s contract that he has to deliver an awesome monologue every time he appears on screen.
  • Oh wait, just kidding, the most distressing thing in this episode isn't James' death, but that scene between Quinn and Huck, in which the two make out shortly after she spits on his face, then both look horrified about it. Hey, at least it spawned this hilarious hashtag.
  • Olivia: “ I don’t think James Novak died in a car accident.” UM, yeah Liv, of COURSE he didn't. This is Scandal.
  • This week’s episode title, amazing: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
  • Ah, the lovebirds in happier times: “Even though you’re a Republican you have a very hot mouth.” - James to Cyrus
  • I just binged The Returned on Netflix, so I’m fairly confident James is going to wake up from this soon and walk around like nothing happened, freaking everyone out.
  • On top of all this there’s a side plot about Mama Pope meeting with some men with accents, which I’m going to be perfectly honest about and say I did not really follow/care about.
  • "Dance with me, James." SOB.

What did everyone else think? Are you as bummed as me about James' death?

[Last modified: Friday, March 21, 2014 10:50am]


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