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Blame 'Dolphin Tale' for Harry Connick Jr.'s orange hue



We are already on record gushing over new American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr., both for his music theory expertise and oh-so-funny banter at the desk. But lately all anyone on Twitter can seem to notice is the dude's orange neck and hands. Our own Stephanie Hayes last night tweeted, "We're all thinking it. Why is Harry Connick Jr. kind of orange on #americanidol? Like a baby who ate too many carrots, right?"

Last night he had fun with it but blamed the fake tan he had to aquire to film Dolphin Tale 2.  "if you like me orange, it's cause i was filming @dolphintale 2," he tweeted. "can't wait to start filming avatar 2!!! #blue #idol"

He had lots of fun with it on his Twitter feed. Read on:

I grew out my beard to cover up my @dolphintale 2 fake tan. did it work??? #no #idol

damn. now i'm regretting drinking all that bronzer. #idol


thanks to lemon pledge for polishing my jacket. #idol

An admirer sent him a tweet "you are beautiful the way you are. Don't need no stinking self tanner, lol.” To which Harry responed, "it didn't stink. smelled like dolphin!!!"

But our favorite is this one:
people say i look orange on @AmericanIdol . judge for yourself... #idoltonight #lovemybronzer click here for hilarious pic

Check out this goofy video of Harry fooling around in the show's Confessional booth. Notice how orange the palms of his hands are, especially in the last few seconds of the video.

[Last modified: Thursday, January 30, 2014 4:57pm]


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