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Can anyone beat Sisaundra Lewis on 'The Voice'?

Lewis performing 'Oh Sherrie'.


Lewis performing 'Oh Sherrie'.



Monday night, the top 10 contestants on The Voice took to the stage for live performances of some dreadfully mediocre songs (Avril Lavigne, really?). Overall, it was not an impressive night for the group, who generally seems like an improvement over last season’s crop.

Then 44-year-old Sisaundra Lewis took the stage, ending the night with a performance of Journey’s Oh Sherrie. Sisaundra, who grew up in Polk County, is a mother of three. She’s performed with Cirque du Soleil; she’s even worked as Celine Dion's vocal director. She is not someone who’d you expect to masterfully deliver a Journey song.

But this is Sisaundra we’re talking about, so OF COURSE she did. (Watch the video below for ear-shattering proof.) Besides being hands-down the best thing about Monday’s The Voice, the performance also made it clear: There is nothing Sisaundra cannot do vocally.

Which made us wonder: How is there any way she’s going to lose this competition?

The singer, who's on Blake Shelton's team, is in another stratosphere of talent compared to her fellow performers. Oh, sure, Team Usher’s Josh Kaufman is great, and Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie gets better every week. But there’s no one like Sisaundra. Such an obvious talent gap might make the show boring if it weren’t so fun to watch her perform. But can anyone beat her?

Now, it could happen, as the final 10 contestants’ fates are in the hands of the fickle American public, so winning is not only dependent on being able to sing the best. And it’s happened before on The Voice, when the show lost its most talented vocalist of season 4 - former Michael Jackson backup singer Judith Hill, who’s now the star of Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet From Stardom - early on in the live shows.

But last year, Tessanne Chin won, and she was very Sisaundra-like in her ability to dominate the competition early on with flawless performance after flawless performance. She already sounded like a pro, much in the same way Sisaundra sounds like she could release a record any second.

So will The Voice crown its actual best singer for the second year in a row?

Tonight brings us one step closer to finding out, when the top 10 are whittled down to just 8 contestants. We bet Sisaundra makes it through just fine.


[Last modified: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 12:34pm]


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