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Comic con preview of Walking Dead's new season: Four minutes of geektastic bliss

The Walking Dead returns for its fourth season Oct. 13 on AMC


The Walking Dead returns for its fourth season Oct. 13 on AMC



The best thing about Comic Con for us geeks not fortunate enough to afford a weeklong trip to San Diego, is the public release of all the cool movie and TV trailers.

And by far, the best release to emerge last week was AMC’s 4 ½-minute trailer for the fourth season of The Walking Dead, which returns with new episodes at 9 p.m. Oct. 13.


Not only do we get a great look at a cool new character – played by The Wire’s Larry Gilliard, Jr. – but we get a good look at the challenges now facing our new band of zombiepocalypse survivors.

Holed up in the prison which has been their base for awhile, there’s a hint that someone has been subtly sabotaging them – feeding walkers, weakening defenses and encouraging greater horders of the undead to press against the prison walls.

Exactly the sort of thing we’ expect our intrepid band of heroes to be neck deep in.  And as the series presents its fourth season with its third successive showrunner/head writer, we can be assured that the next season will likely have a distinct tone from the previous episodes; whether that’s an improvement or not for the cable show which people watch like a network TV broadcast remains to be seen.

Here’s the trailer below; enjoy:

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