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ADL says Confederate flag controversy fuels comment on racist web sites



Cartoon_2  As much as some members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans say they abhor the way racists have flocked to the Confederate battle flag, there is little doubt that their continued efforts to bring the symbol into the mainstream also creates a lot of enthusiasm among racist groups.

The Anti Defamation League tracked how the raising of the Confederate flag along I-4 June 3 sparked a flood of racist rhetoric on two well-known white supremacy Web sites; here's an excerpt of their release and some of the comments they observed: WARNING - COMMENTS CONTAIN EXPLICIT LANGUAGE   

Andrew Rosenkranz, ADL Florida Regional Director, issued the following statement: "The ADL was not surprised to discover this bigoted rhetoric on the two largest white supremacist forums: Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network.  The Confederate flag is listed on ADL’s database of hate symbols and is known historically as a racist symbol, used in the past by the Ku Klux Klan, as a symbol of white power and superiority.

Florida_tag_2  "The Anti-Defamation League tracks and monitors the activities and communication of a wide range of extremists on a regular basis, and over the last few days, has honed in on inflammatory rhetoric on – the largest white supremacist website/forum which is widely accessed, has links to hate groups all over the world, and is based out of West Palm Beach.  Additional incitement in reaction to the Confederate flag issue was tracked on the Vanguard News Network – an online message forum where white supremacists from around the world can post messages and engage in online discussions and debates.  The site is run by an independent white supremacist, Alex Linder, from Kirksville, MO."

Following are a few samples of the racist rhetoric tracked on the two aforementioned white supremacist websites:

Stormfrontlogo From

-         Let's see, this flag will ofend, blacks, Jews, and most whites. I like it.

-         Oh heck yes! in fact it may even incite riots!

-         It made my day to see a giant Confederate flag flying along I-75 in Florida last April. I'm happy to see that they're getting another larger flag.

-         They better negroproof it. You know, put the rope out of reach and grease the pole. Kinda like putting away your food while camping so bears won't wander into the campsite.

-         Its good to see Southern Whites reclaiming their history and shunning nonsensical "guilt"..but the sad fact most motorists or tourists these days may not even know thats not the current "zog-American" flag..

-         Welcome the flag, but do think that it would be beneficial to stick a pack of dogs under it to keep the spooks away. I would also love to see the "Confederate Heritage" license plate that had been proposed in the state of FL on the roads throughout the entire state!!!

-         I want to applaud the southerners for displaying their pride, with no regards to opposing voices. Courageous acts following the recent events unfolded are uncommon today. They are doing something meaningful by making one of our flags embrace wind once again. We are truly a loved race, we will not give up so easily, we will make our eventual redemption. I want you to know, we will.

-         I had ancestors fight and die for the south. The fact that nigs, jews, and liberal jackasses keep trying to take the flag from me, and tell me I have no RIGHT to fly, wear or even own one, is what really pisses me off. Fact of the matter is we whites in the south have a flag for white southern culture, and the confederate flag is it...

-         I hear you, but, my frustration is how the nigger-pigs play it to their advantage. In the Confederate Constitution it preserved the right to slavery,Correct? My question, how? are nigger-pigs anything other than slaves? if they were human and independent there would be no argument. Right? So...every time I hear of the Southern Flag being exploited for nigger gain, I say get rid of it and them! I'm sorry, I know the sacrifices of Southern Men. I want the Negro back where it belongs and I make that pleasant thought every morning when I wake.

Vnnlogo_2  From Vanguard News Network:

-         I just saw a local TV report and the niggers are going ape-shit in front of the city commissioners over this. The city told the chimps that there was nothing that they could do about it. However they did suggest to the Confederate Sons that should fly an American flag every other day. The moron commissioners needed to be reminded that the south was fighting against the United States.

-         HaHaHa!! Good for them! How dare niggers try to tell White people what to do in their own country!

-         Good for the patriots doing this down in Florida. Hope they tell the niggers to go straight to Hell!

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:48pm]


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