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Alec Baldwin spoofs his plane incident on SNL, but did it help his image at all?



alec0baldwin-snl.jpgIn a cheeky, unexpected bit, Alec Baldwin popped up on Saturday Night Live last night to spoof the airplane conflict heard round the Twitterverse.

But his amusing appearance -- in which he playing himself impersonating an American Airlines pilot delivering a fake apology to himself -- may not have done much to help his public image at a time when Baldwin is increasingly looking like a spoiled celebrity bully.

Sporting a porn star-worthy moustache and pilot's uniform, Baldwin joined Seth Meyers on Weekend Update to salute Alec Baldwin as an "American treasure" and deliver an apology on behalf to the airline. With Meyers constantly asking if the bit was going too far, it was a classic bit of meta-mindplay from a comedy show known for the hip, newsworthy celebrity cameo.

Already, Baldwin has written about his experience on the Huffington Post, giving not an inch to those who suggest maybe he was being a bit ingracious in the conflict. The actor did deactivate his Twitter account after the set-to, joining James Franco and John Mayer in deciding that platform was a bit too much in the middle of a gossipy, worldwide contrversy.

I'm not sure it helps much to lampoon yourself as a conniving actor willing to fool an audience three days after getting kicked off an airplane for refusing to shut down an online word game.

Check out his cameo belowand judge for yourself:

[Last modified: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 8:05am]


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