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American Idol and Adam Lambert: Three reasons why Lambert's your next Idol

Adam-Lambert-Kris-Allen After an exhaustive five months chronicling the ups and downs of TV's biggest series, music nerd Sean Daly and I couldn't think of any better way to cap the Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen throwdown than by taking a side and giving three reasons why our guy is gonna win.

Faithful blog readers will know that I'm actually suspicious we'll find all this pro-Lambert hoopla pushed a lot of people into voting for Allen when votes are revealed Wednesday night.

Read Big Head Daly's defense of puppy dog Allen here.

Still, after watching both guys perform tonight, I'm gonna stick up for the guy everybody thinks in going to win this -- and whom Idol really, really needs to win: Adam Lambert. My reasons:
1. The judges, particularly Simon “I can’t wait for a future that does not include Paula Abdul” Cowell, did everything but hand Lambert the crown after his second song, a leather-lunged take on Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come. Cowell’s money quote: “(on American Idol) you hope you can find a worldwide star. I genuinely believe we have found that with you.” C’mon America – how much more prodding do  you need?

2. Hard to believe it took three people – including fourth-wheel judge Kara DioGuardi -- to pen the uninspired mess that is Idol’s current winner’s circle song, No Boundaries (It was so bad, even the supremely tactless Cowell had no stomach for telling DioGuardi how much she stunk up the joint). Ever the sneak, DioGuardi pitched it just high enough that Allen sounded like he was wearing particularly tight Speedos through much of his rendition, leaving Led Zep devotee Lambert the last man standing.

3. I’m sure dogs across America were yowling in pain when Lambert hit some of his highest notes in the Cooke tune. But his vocalistics also proved, with little doubt, who was actually the better singer. And Abdul’s neon green dress even helped make Lambert’s glam rock stylings look a little less flamboyant.

Is there nothing Idol won’t do to help this guy win?


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:58pm]


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