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American Idol goes long again; Alison and Kris in trouble



Tarantino-idol You'd think the biggest moneymaker on network television could afford a stopwatch.

Despite only allowing two judges to comment on each of seven singers Tuesday, viewers recording American Idol by DVR discovered the show ran long again -- although not long enough to cut out any performances, as happened last week to Adam Lambert.

This time, DVR viewers just missed judge Simon Cowell bursting Lil' Rounds bubble, letting her know that the gospelized version of The Rose she presented Tuesday was too safe for this stage of the game.

That much, he got right. Now is when the game gets interesting: The last truly mediocre singer got ejected last week -- sorry Scott MacIntyre, but you know it's true -- and now it's mostly about who can bring consistent, exciting performances in the midst of American Idol's whirlwind of attention and activity (Tuesday's show featured Katie Couric -- doesn't she have a day job on another network? -- and Springsteen sideman Little Steven in the audience).

Alison The producers didn't help, forcing contestants to hang with Quentin Tarantino this week and pretend they cared about his mentoring advice while singing songs from big movies.

We saw him tell Danny Gokey to stick his hands in his pockets and inform Anoop Desai that he needed to sing rougher. Fortunately, it didn't look like any of them actually followed any of his tips.

As happened last year, the two front runners have emerged early -- Gokey and Lambert consistently blow everyone else away each week -- and everyone else is stuck trying to match their considerable abilities. Kris Allen, Alison Iraheta (left) and Lil' Rounds seemed to have the most trouble in a night filled with good performances.

But I gotta admit, dawg, that as entertaining as these supersized karaoke moments can be, I can't imagine any of these performers producing a record I might actually spend money to purchase.

And that may be Idol's biggest problem in the end.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:57pm]


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