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American Idol Recap: It's the Songs, Stupid



Chrisacoustic It's an interesting paradox: last night's British Invasion edition of American Idol produced some of the show's best performances from some of its weakest competitors -- even Chris Richardson's Timberlake-style whine and Blake Lewis' white-guy beat boxing were tolerable servicing songs such as Gerry and the Pacemaker's Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying and Time of the Season.

The only problem: the Idols didn't often pick great songs for themselves.Sanjaya

Lakisha singing Diamonds are Forever? (points for trying to break out of the Aretha-diva mold, sister, but you can't just sing ANYTHING on Idol, no matter how talented you are)

Phil Stacey on Tobacco Road? (ejection road is more like it) Stephanie Edwards presenting the quirky You Don't Have to Say You Love Me?  Don't these knuckleheads realize the point is to pick songs that show off your vocals skills?

ScarnatohottieHaley Scarnato cemented her status as the hottie Idol -- bouncing around the stage in short shorts and a top tight enough to keep her in the running a few more weeks.

And poor Sanjaya sung the idiot-proof Kinks anthem You Really Got Me well enough to stick around another seven days (didn't hurt that his sparkling smile made a young girl cry on camera, though the best Idol crying moment remains this one.

Lakisha's insistence on tackling Shirley Bassey's classic James Bond anthem Diamonds are Forever highlighted the biggest problem of this contnually lopsided contest -- the front-runners' biggest danger comes only from their own bad choices.

If, for some odd reason, you should want to hear some of these performances again, they're available as MP3 downloads here.

Should go tonight: Sanjaya. If Fox was still doing the kiddie Idol show American Juniors, he'd be perfect there.

Stacey2 Nosferatu2 Will go tonight: Phil Stacey. The weird bald guy who looks like a German vampire gets a stake through his heart -- felled by a song that every bar band in America has tackled once or twice.

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