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American Idol Recap: LaKisha Gone - Even She's Not Surprised

Lakisha_l In the end, it was the Jennifer Hudson factor that did LaKisha in.

Much as people like speculate about Idol's twists and turns, those of us who have been watching the show awhile know there's a pattern to its path. A seemingly undeserving candidate always does better than his (or her) vocal ability would suggest. A few performers always blossom under the tender care of the show's assorted coaches and stylists.

And one talented, early front-runner always goes before her time.

if this was just about vocal ability, beatboxer Blake would have been gone Wednesday night. As it was, he wound up standing next to LaKisha in the ejection show's final moments, both of them done in by lackluster performances during the previous night's Bee Gees edition.

But there's no other guy around to soak up support from the teenyboppers who make up the show's strongest fan base, so even Lakisha wasn't surprised when her lackluster version of Stayin' Alive proBarrygibbved to be ironically off base.

Other thoughts: I don't care how much time they have to fill. No one should have to endure a full song from a scratchy-voiced Bee Gee in a see-through shirt. Dude, your Saturday Night Fever prime was a looong time ago.

Idol producers are now looking for an undiscovered band -- age and genre are no factor. Wonder if those Rockstar: Supernova dudes are doing anything?

Does it really make sense to close every Idol ejection show with the song that got the loser kicked off in the first place?

Albrecht Gone From HBO

Albrechtmug Multichannel News is reporting this morning that the CEO of HBO, Chris Albrecht, has been asked to resign following an incident in which he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend in a Las Vegas parking lot after watching a boxing match.

News of the assault led to a deluge of bad publicity for the guy credited with running HBO during its biggest success, as well as shepherding shows such as Martin and Everybody Loves Raymond in previous jobs. Albrecht admitted a struggle with alcoholism and announced a leave to enter rehab. Then, the Los Angeles Times broke a story revealing that HBO paid a former subordinate with whom he had a relationship at least $400,000 after another alleged assault.

Now the premium cable channel is losing its longtime head at a time when its signature series The Sopranos is going away and few buzzworthy successors exist.


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:39pm]


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