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American Idol Shocker: Deggans, Daly and Fink Turn Melinda's Loss Into Podcast Gold

One thing we know for sure now. The best singer in the competition is not Doolittlesinggoing to win this year's American Idol.

I don't much care if it sounds like sour grapes. The vote which sent Melinda Doolittle home tonight eliminated Idol's best singer -- in part, because she was unlucky enough to have a tough night down to the wire.

Doolittleryan Despite judge Simon Cowell's valiant attempts to talk up her performances Tuesday, Melinda didn't connect with the show's teenybopper audience singing chestnuts like Nutbush City Limits and a vocally strained version of a Whitney Houston tune. So we are down to beatboxing Blake and jolting Jordin Sparks

It was an unfortunate disappointment for the show's most consistent performer. but, as LaKisha proved a week earlier, it is far to easy for idol front runners to peak too early (and, as my blog buddy Sean Daly pointed out tonight, Melinda was crazy enough to wear a "death cheater" t-shirt, jinxing her chances but good). Even Dial Idol got it wrong, naming Melinda least likely to go tonight.

How could I exchange Idol gossip with my good buddy Sean before we saw each other in the halls of Mother Times Thursday morning?

Well, Sean, fashion queen/pop culture goddess Sharon Fink and myself had the pleasure of conducting our first-ever Idol podcast tonight, kicking around the Brandon_rgers Doolittle upset and much more with Brandon Rogers, the first guy to get kicked off the top 12 for committing a cardinal Idol sin -- forgetting song lyrics.

Turns out, Brandon is still a pretty cool dude. And because he lives in Los Angeles, he still visits the show occasionally and has become friends with Blake, Phil Stacey, LaKisha, Jordin and others.

Secrestfauxhawk When our Stuck in the '80s guru Steve Spears finishes with the editing and posts the podcast later tonight, you'll hear us yammering about the continuing allure of Sanjaya's sister -- well, at least to Sean -- and why the crop of Idol contestants seems to get worse the more they expand the audition pool.

It will be just like you're perched near our cubicles on a Thursday morning, picking apart every Idol detail with the obsessive zeal of a Simon Cowell. Click here to swim in our wisdom.

Jordin Prediction-wise, Sean and I are on Jordin's team, while Sharon is holding out hope her hunk-a Blake takes it home.

What do you think?

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:39pm]


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