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American Idol's Traditional Ejection Surprise: Michael Johns Hits the Bricks



Michael_johns I've said it before: Idol always surprises us midway through the competition.

It happened to Chris Daughtry. It happened to Jennifer Hudson. It happened to Tamyra Gray. And now, it's happened to Michael Johns.

As much as I've complained about the judges overlooking the way Johns simply mimics every artist he covers, I was totally surprised by his ejection tonight. And, as usual, a little suspicious.

Simon Cowell can make all the noises he wants about Johns picking the wrong song; anyone who watched Tuesday's show knows he handled his cover of Aerosmith's Dream On powerfully and stylishly. Indeed, this ejection fit none of the things I usually cite after someone leaves the show: Johns sang well Tuesday, was rarely if ever in the bottom three before, seemed to be handling the pressure of the competition well and had a huge fan base inside the studio audience.

The only reason this ejection makes sense, is that Idol needed a surprise to shake up the contest. Which makes me even more suspicious.

David_a David_c Johns' departure makes me even more certain that this contest will wind up a fight between the two Davids; disheveled rocker creativity versus almost-too-earnest teenybopper appeal. But, given the way this Bizzaro Idol week has unfolded, anything seems possible.

So maybe Kristy really should start thinking about what she'll record on her debut album.   

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:45pm]


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