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Another Taste of Brownie



Former Federal Emergency Management Agency head Michael Brown spent a lot of his final days in the job complaining about inaccuracies in press coverage of his history.

You may recall I wrote a story a few weeks ago showing that one of the major provable inaccuracies -- that he was a college friend and college buddy of his predecessor, Joseph Allbaugh -- was spread by Brown himself.
(credit: AP)

News agencies across the country ran corrections once Allbaugh began distancing himself from Brown by calling around and insisting they met sometime after college. But the notion that they were college pals -- a convenient way to demonstrate the cronyism which got Brown his old friend's job in the first place -- refuses to die, even in newspapers which corrected the original inaccuracy.

Case in point: A recent Washington Post blurb about Brownie's new consulting business, in the same suite as Allbaugh's company, makes the college chums reference. As they say in the newspaper biz, sometimes you gotta RTFN (let your imaginations work on the meaning to that acronym).

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:35pm]


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