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Be a critic for a day: Name your best and worst of 2008



Tvnetworks Some might say it's a cheeky way to fill a blog post AND dodge of bit of work close to the holidays.

But I prefer to think of this next request as a fun way to do what I love most: Talk about TV.

Every year, I pore over old blog posts and resurrect old TV schedules to figure out my highlights and lowlights for the year. Some choices are obvious -- I'm expecting Tina Fey and Mad Men to make every reputable list this year -- others require a little more, um, initiative.

So I want to open the process up. I want to ask you, blog reader, what you're checking off in the cool and Large_tinasarahnot-so-cool columns as 2008 closes. What worked and what didn't? Who rose and fell? How did we wind up with a TV season that gave us Fey as Sarah Palin and Mad Men right next to a Knight Rider remake and Criss Angel "surviving" an imploding hotel in prime time?

Here's my list of some interesting TV stuff to consider:

Mad Men -- '60s ad man Don Draper is the ultimate distant dad -- talented, desirable, remote and full of secrets. Placed in a pathologically detailed re-creation of a Manhattan advertising firm, he's the James Bond of Madison Avenue.

Tina Fey -- Possibly swings an election with a dead-on Sarah Palin impression, then runs the Emmy table to win more awards than any other for 30 Rock. Can she get on that whole economic crisis thing next?

The_wireDexter -- Jimmy Smits as a murderous prosecutor who gets undercover serial killer Dexter Morgan to teach him how to get away with murder. Better onscreen than it reads in print. Trust me.

The Wire -- HBO's masterful Baltimore crime drama presciently foretold the crumbling of the newspaper industry in its fifth and final season. -- A few more sites like this one -- which offers a host of NBC, Fox and other TV shows stramed on demand -- and I won't even need a TV.

DernBurn Notice -- A spy stuck in Miami with Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell? Sardonic action TV heaven.

Lost -- The only series to get better because of the writers strike, finding new, compelling rabbit holes for its endlessly puzzling story of castaways stuck on an island with a will of its own.

Recount -- Laura Dern channels the spririt of Katherine Harris (that's her, as Harris, at left) in HBO's cheeky, involved recounting of how Florida screwed up a presidential election.


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