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Behind the Scenes at Today: Clueless Anchors?



Not much time for posting today, but I couldn't resist blogging a little on something I noticed in Tuesday morning's Today show broadcast.

The show will present a number of "behind the scenes" reports this week, and given the program's formula of putting itself at the heart of many stories, they started with a live, behind the scenes look at Today.

Bad enough we were forced to wade through the sea of makeup artists, control room technicians and "green room" shots as if none of us had seen such things before (a later, pretaped segment on how the show puts together stories, was a little better). But the apex of cluelessness came when Katie Couric strode into the show's kitchen and showed off its battered refrigerator, complaining that it was held together with copious amounts of duct tape which was true.

While Couric ribbed NBC for not ponying up for a decent 'fridge, my mind flashed to her salary, which reportedly stands at $13-million annually.

Could it be that NBC was pinching pennies in the kitchen to save $$ for her astronomically high pay? (60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney recently noted correctly that a news division could field dozens of reporters for the $20-million salary CBS has reportedly offered the chirpy newsreader.)

And if the duct tape was such an indignity, why didn't Couric dig into her own deep pockets and rewards the staffers she'd spent long minutes complimenting with a shiny new storage space for their bag lunches? (I'm sure you can't eat lunch out every day in Manhattan on what they pay most of Today's crew.)

A little thing, I know. But it's amazing how little issues can sometimes highlight big problems.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:35pm]


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