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Billy Mays III encouraging fans nationwide to dress like his deceased dad for Halloween



Billymayscostume He admits it sounds a bit odd; a guy who unexpectedly lost his dad just four months ago starting an online contest encouraging people to dress like his departed father for Halloween.

But Billy Mays III is already enjoying the entries coming into his Hallow-Clean contest, where he has asked fans to email a photo of of themselves dressed like his famous pitchman father, infomercial king Billy Mays. The elder Mays died in his sleep June 28 at age 50, after building a career as a TV pitchman on his high-volume delivery and distinctive look.

The younger Mays said he got the idea after seeing someone at the airport dressed like his father. "I realized the number of people dressing like him was going to be like, triple the (typical number)," he said, noting he's gotten 10,000 hits since gossip site featured the story today. "I figured we might as well have fun with it."

The costume is easy; khaki pants, suspiciously black beard, blue shirt, and a product pitch. Fans are encouraged to have fun and realize the results will be judged by the younger Mays and friends who helped film his commercials. Entries with pictures, contact information and mailing address can be submitted through [email protected] or Mays' Twitter account. Click here for his Web site.

Deadline is Nov. 4, with winners announced Nov. 9. Prizes are:

First Place: One of the final autographed Billy Mays pictures, Pitchmen Season 1 DVD, tub of Oxi-Clean, pack of Mighty Putty, and a whole bunch of stickers.

Second Place: Pitchmen Season 1 DVD, pack of Mighty Putty, and a whole bunch of stickers

Third Place: Pitchmen Season 1 DVD and a whole bunch of stickers.

Mays-southpark Mays said even controversial references to his dad -- such a recent episode of the animated satire South Park featuring the elder Mays among a host of dead celebrities haunting a child -- helps him feel better about his father's passing.

"It's like reassuring to know he really did something with his life," said Mays, who said he's buying the contest prizes himself and not making money on the venture. "It's all fine by me."

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:02pm]


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