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Bob Costas interviews ex-Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, who admits showering, not having sex, with kids



jerry_sandusky_wy_111107_wg.jpgSome might call it the Michael Jackson defense.

Like the late King of Pop, former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky admitted inappropriate contact with young children -- in Sandusky's case, showering with young boys who he helped through his Second Mile charity, even after a parent complained about the practice. (Jackson admitted sharing a bed to go to sleep with kids).

But Sandusky denied having sex with the boys or any sexual attraction to them, offering no explanation as to why a janitor or a graduate student who later became a coach at the school would tell a grand jury they saw him molesting children.

Costas' interview aired on NBC's new newsmagazine Rock Center, an interview pulled together so quickly, it doesn't seem to have been promoted much.

jerry-sandusky-abuse-f9ie595-x-large.jpgThis morning, the Today show replayed the biggest "get" yet of the Penn State scandal, as Sandusky's attorney admitted that his client "didn't use a whole lot of common sense" but implied that allegations of as many as 18 boys sexually assaulted by his client might be sparked by desire to recover money from the college.

The attorney also said they have contacted the person Penn State coach Mike McQueary said he saw Sandusky raping as a 10-year-old child in 2002, and that person "tells a very different story... he says it didn't happen."

Looks like there is going to be a very detailed, very embarrassing trial in store for the Penn State nation.


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[Last modified: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 3:59pm]


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