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Brandon Hits the Bricks on Idol - Along with My Patience



Lost isn't the only popular TV show I don't understand.Idollogo

That's a tough admission for a professional couch potato to make. And it's a little overblown, because I knew all the little kiddies who love to run up big text messaging bills for mom and dad have taken American Idol misfit Sanjaya Malakar to heart like the ageless pixie he is.

Braandonryan But even though Brandon Rogers kept proving week after week why he's the perfect backup singer -- competent, bland, good looking, but not distinctive enough to stand out from the, um, background -- he didn't deserve this. Losing to a guy who should have been axed weeks ago.

So, as Sanjaya slunk offstage Wednesday night -- well aware that his new school Leif Garrett vibeSanajata bought him another week on Idol his pipes haven't earned -- Brandon was left to finish his final tune and wonder if Christina A. needed somebody else in the pit for her next tour. Our only consolation: Sajaya was in the bottom three this week, a solid indication his days are numbered.

Haley1 Brandon's fate also proves there is but one cardinal sin on Idol, and it's not a pornographic past -- it is forgetting the lyrics (unless, like another hanging-by-her-fingernails finalist Haley Scarnato, you have a smoking body to distract viewers and judges).

UPDATE:, my fave reality TV Web site, notes a couple of things about Idol worth considering.

Judgestiedup Dial Idol may be full of it. Despite accurately predicting last year's winner, the web site -- which offers software to automatically dial in users' votes, tabulating all the votes it casts to predict winners and losers -- was way off Wednesday night. While admitting it could only predict that three contestants were safe, Sanjaya was one of them, ranked third to fifth. Brandon and Phil Stacy, the three guys at the bottom of the voting according to last night's show, were ranked third and fourth but within the margin of error for ejection.

Ratings are down for final 12 from last year. Despite drawing 29.4-million viewers Tuesday, ratings were down from the semi finals and down 15 percent from last year. Variety and Media Life magazine blame Daylight Savings Time, which reduces the amount of time people spend infront of TVs. I blame a lackluster field of finalists and the backlash from weeks of Idol hype.

Who's leaving next? As the risk of embarrassing myself further, I'm still hoping the San-man takes a walk next week. Our homeboy from J-ville, Phil Stacey, also seems header for Loserville, a victim of astonishingly bad fashion choices, bland performances and a look stuck somewhere between Uncle Fester and Nosferatu.

Lostlogo1 And, speaking of being lost by Lost, can you believe Jack's dad is also Claire's father? Or how geeky Jack looks chasing after a football (check out what i'm talking about here)? These guys better start making sense soon or I'll be forced to switch to - gulp! -- CSI:NY.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:38pm]


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