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From Bret Maverick to John Luther: My favorite TV antiheroes revealed



bret-maverick.jpgBret Maverick (James Garner), ABC’s Maverick: TV’s coolest ‘50s-era cowboy; a gambler, card shark and rake who seemed more like a devilish practical joker than a dangerous gunslinger.

Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz), ABC’s NYPD Blue: Originally the racist, sexist alcoholic screw-up partner of David Caruso’s John Kelly, Sipowicz became a more human hero when Caruso’s untimely eparture forced producers to make him a central, sympathetic character.


Tony Soprano (James Gadolfini), HBO’s The Sopranos: Godfather to all modern TV antiheroes, he was an under pressure, middle-aged upper middle class businessman who just happened to beat up and kill people for a living.

Omar Little (Michael K. Williams), HBO’s The Wire: The most original character on TV’s best show was a gay gangster in Baltimore who ripped off drug dealers for cash and was so bad the mention of his name sent the corner kids running.

Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal), FX’s Sons of Anarchy: Hot enough to turn heads as a grandmother and deadly enough to help kill her first husband when he threatened to go straight, this character has more stones than any male character on the series.

john-luther.jpgJohn Luther (Idris Elba) BBC’s Luther: Brilliant and recovering from a mental breakdown, Luther’s skill in anticipating the worst criminals is equaled only by his disastrous personal life and knack for breaking every rule in the book.

Honorable mention: Dexter Morgan, Alexander Monday (It Takes a Thief), Michael Westen (Burn Notice), Jackie Peyton (Nurse Jackie), Vic Mackie (The Shield), Walter White (Breaking Bad), Charlie Harper (Two and Half Men).

Best suggestions from readers: Don Draper (Mad Men), Nancy Botwin (Weeds).

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[Last modified: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 6:44am]


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