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Brooke Hogan opens up to Inside Edition and Access Hollywood -- tells them pretty much the same thing



Brookehogan01big The tough thing for celebrities trying to push new product when their lives are in turmoil, is that it's tough to stick to the talking points.

But Brooke Hogan did a game job this week while talking up her own new reality show, Brooke Knows Best (shouldn't there be a question mark in there, somewhere?), offering many of the same answers to both Access Hollywood and Inside Edition when talking about the incarceration of her brother, this disintegration of her parents' marriage and her mother's decision to date a boy 30 years younger than she.

Here's what she told Access Hollywood about her mom:

Brookehoganpicture5 "When asked about her relationship with her mother, Linda, now that she is romantically involved with a man 30 years her junior, Brooke Hogan tells Maria Menounos, "It's kind of disappointing to me because she was always my hero when I was growing up.  I feel like I have to be the mother now." 

And here's what she told INSIDE EDITION:

"She used to be my hero…Now she's making all the wrong decisions and it's really hurting me because I just don't understand it…I don’t agree with what is going on and I don’t condone it. I’m like, ‘Why do I have to be the mommy?’...I don’t want to be the mom. I want to be the kid.”

When Access Hollywood asked why she's doing a reality show when a different show seemed to help break up her parents' marriage, she said:

"I don’t think our family is falling apart and getting destroyed.  I just think it’s rearranging itself in the way God meant it to be because it wasn’t working how it was."

When Inside Edition asked about that, she said:

“I don't think a reality show can ruin anything….I think it just put more pressure on the situation.”

Brooke Hogan may dislike her mother for dating a young man, but she has no problem with seeing Brookehogan400ds07201her dad date a woman 20 years younger than he, telling Access Hollywood:  "she's a great foundation for him right now."   

She also told Inside Edition: “She's very nice.  She's really sweet.  She's actually a really good influence and a good support system right now.”

At least, she's consistent. To read more of the Inside Edition interview, click below...

Brookehogan400a0427 Hogan tells INSIDE EDITION she can not even comment on her mother dating someone younger than herself.

Hogan: “I do not have any words for that…I know if I was her age I would not be doing that, but people have different motives and people have different reasons for doing things that they do.

Hogan also speaks with INSIDE EDITION about the turbulent year her family has had.

Hogan:  “It has been really tough….When my brother went to jail, that was probably the worst time in my life because we're like twins.  We spend every minute together.”

Hogan tells INSIDE EDITION her brother has been threatened while incarcerated.

Hogan: “He's doing a lot better. They put him in general population now with kids his own age and he's doing good.  He's been threatened a couple of times but thank God he's like 6'3" and he can hold his own.”

Hogan tells INSIDE EDITION her brother Nick will not be part of her new reality show.

Hogan: “It's humiliating enough…I think just out of respect for my brother I think I just didn't even want to go there.”

Hogan: “He's still innocent inside so I'm like, ‘Nicky don't change, don't be influenced by those kids in there.’”

Hogan also speaks with INSIDE EDITION about the widely criticized phone conversations between her father and brother regarding John Graziano.

Hogan: “I know that my brother and my dad and my mom and I all love John…I mean he spent most of his life since he was 15 or 16-years-old at our house.  My mom would have to remind him to check in with his own mother.”

Hogan: “I think my dad was just talking like a father…When my brother was in solitary confinement he was going crazy.  So, in that situation when you're a parent you kind of panic and you say anything to relieve them of that stress.”

Hogan also revealed to INSIDE EDITION that Playboy called her.

Hogan: “I was like, ‘Dad, I know that this is like a really weird question but Playboy called. What do you think about that’…He just was like, ‘Well, I don't want you doing it.’  He is kind of over protective and he doesn't like the scandalous pictures and stuff.”

Hogan also speaks with INSIDE EDITION about her once strained relationship with her father and their reconciliation.

Hogan: “The one thing that makes me respect somebody is truth, when they tell the truth.  So instead of hiding what happened, instead of being scared or not talking to me, he came forward to me. He was like, ‘Look this, this and this happened. You know I love you.  It was a weird time. I just want to tell you the truth.’  That can do wonders for me.  If somebody just tells me the truth then I'm fine.”

Hogan  tells INSIDE EDITION what she thinks about her father’s new girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, who is 20 year’s his junior.

Hogan: Hogan tells INSIDE EDITION what she believes the biggest misconception is about her family.

Hogan: “All these people have been making my family look like we're mean people and we're just being horrible to the Grazianos and all this stuff…We are so not like that.”

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:48pm]


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