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BuzzFeed party draws news geeks to the Florida Aquarium for the RNC



buzzfeed3.jpgTAMPA - Let the, um, simpler folk party with Kid Rock outside.

The cool kids -- and by that I mean news geeks like me who mostly live online -- gathered at the Florida Aquarium Wednesday night for a party thrown by BuzzFeed, the viral news aggregator which has been making a serious run at original political reporting, hiring its editor from POLITICO, opening a Washington bureau and sending a guerilla team of nearly a dozen to the Republican National Convention.

If you judge a party by the bigwigs who show up, BuzzFeed did pretty well. By midnight, NBC's Chuck Todd, CNN's Jim Acosta, Huffington Post' Howard Fineman and author Dave Weigel were all in the house, touring the winding ramps inside the Aquarium.

But the real stars were the penguins, plopped inside a couple of carts in pairs, wheeled around the party for pictures (but no touching). The tuxedoed duos drew flocks of partygoers well-trained to document every moment of the RNC on Instagram and Twitter.

Better still were the conversations, like this one:

"I would love to have one of thse at home," exclaimed one, um, overly enthusiastic partygoer.

"No you wouldn't," laughed one of the handlers. "At a certain point, they eat all the time and go to the bathroom every 10 or 15 minutes. They make the worst pets in a home."

"yeah," replaied the guy, looking at all the pretty women taking pictures, "But if I had one of these, think of how much I could get laid."

Like I said; news geeks rule.



[Last modified: Thursday, August 30, 2012 7:51am]


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