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Can Ashton Kutcher beat the CW's ratings for cancelled The Beautfiul Life on YouTube?



Ashton-Kutcher (12) I bet Ashton Kutcher gives good meeting.

I have no other explanation for how a middle actor and moderately successful TV producer can score so many great deals.

His latest move: convincing Hewlett-Packard to back his latest challenge to the online community: amassing more viewers for his canceled CW drama The Beautiful Life on YouTube than ever saw it on broadcast television.

Beautiful-lifeAs Kutcher explains in the video below, The CW canceled his series about young models in New York after two airings because the ratings were so dismal.

From my perspective, it was a deadly combination of mediocre show and Godzilla-like competition (CBS' Criminal Minds, Fox's Glee, NBC's Law & Order: SVU and ABC's Modern Family made ti the toughest timeslot on television).

 But Kutcher wants to prove a point. So he's put the two aired episodes and the one unaired episode on YouTube, vowing to get more viewers online than the 1-million or so who watched it each night on the CW. He'll drop the other two completed episodes on Monday. (Thanks to HP, they're all airing commercial free.)

For a guy who has more than 1-million Twitter followers, it should be easy.

What he'll do after that, may be most interesting. Will he be able follow through on plans to use the online success as leverage for some kind of production deal to feature Beautiful Life online? Or will the experience work better to snag financing for a new cyberspace-only effort? (that's my bet).

Check out his explanations below, along with the piolot episode and unaired third episode, then decide for yourself.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:04pm]


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