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Casey Anthony juror on Nightline: "How can you punish someone, if you don't know what they did?"

jennifer-ford.pngJennifer Ford, the first front-line juror from the Casey Anthony trial to reveal her identity to the TV media, told ABC News' Nightline Wednesday that they didn't vote to convict because there was too much uncertainty about where, when and how 2-year-old daughter Caylee was killed.

"Bad behavior is not enough to prove a crime," said Ford, 32, a nursing student at St. Petersburg College, citing Anthony's decision not to report her daughter's disappearance for a month. She also said Casey Anthony's father George didn't help the state's case by looking evasive on the stand and seeming to switch allegiances between the prosecution and defense.

The St. Petersburg Times also secured an interview with a juror, who the newspaper did not name but is known as Juror Number 2. In contrast to Ford's almost matter-of-fact discussion of the deliberations, the juror interviewed by the Times seemed quite emotional about the decision, saying "I just swear to God …," he said, his voice falling silent, overcome by tears. "I wish we had more evidence to put her away. I truly do …But it wasn't there." He has asked for his name to remain confidential due to the intense pulbic reaction to the verdict.

Both of these interviews may make it tougher for other jurors to receive any compensation for their stories. Though one juror, known as No. 6, reportedly is seeking $50,000 for his story, there are now two public accounts of deliberations and an effort by news organizations to push the court into revealing juror identities.

In the end, Ford and juror No. 2 confirmed what many legal experts suspected after the verdict; that the prospect of a death penalty left the jury hungry for a definitive account of the crime, which prosecutors could not provide.

So far, ABC News has come out on top in the competition to book Casey Anthony interviews, landing exclusives with Ford and also featuring Barbara Walters' talk with defense attorney Jose Baez.

See the interviews on Nightline and Good Morning America below:

[Last modified: Thursday, July 7, 2011 8:58am]


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