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As cast of "Nak'd Truth" reality show is announced I wonder: Will any TV network air this?



nakdtruth_logo.pngThe folks organizing an unclothed reality show at a nudist resort in Land O'Lakes revealed their cast Sunday, including a flight attendant and finance auditor among the eight folks getting naked for a month before the cameras.

But even as producers spark another round of publicity built around their titillating premise, I have to wonder: Who is going to air this?

Not just because the subjects will be naked. Producers have said many times that the nudity will be blurred. When I spoke with producer/publicist Marisela D'Baldriche on Saturday, she assured me the episodes would be edited to conform with all mainstream TV standards.

But if you're tuning in to a reality show about naked people, don't you want to see them naked? And if people out there are going to be offended by a reality show about nude people, is blurring the naughty bits really going to make them feel any better?

Seems The Nak'd Truth's producers are creating their own odd paradox; a show where the people who want to see the nudity can't, and those who object to the nudity will still have to deal with the concept. Producers are now completing a pilot episode for the show; the series would feature the cast working at Caliente for a month in the nude.

D'Baldriche insisted that several reputable TV outlets were interested in the project, but two sources in the network TV game I spoke to had a tough time believing any broadcast network or mainstream cable channel would air the show. The problem, they said, wouldn't just be viewer controversy but advertiser skepticism -- would a Coca-Cola or McDonald's want to align their brand with such a controversial project?

D'Baldriche said they will not reveal who they are negotiating with, for reasons I didn't quite understand (seems to me, if CBS was in contention to air the show, that would be big news). But the notion that the project could land on a TV screen near you has sparked coverage far and wide as media outlets have fun with the notion of a Big Brother-style take on life in a nudist resort.

But like that much-ballyhooed Octomom reality show that never happened, this feels like a controversial premise that no major TV channel would broadcast, outside of the adults-only terrain of premium cable or pay-per-view. Maintaining the idea that such a broadcast is possible, however, buys enough free publicity to help producers try closing a deal, along with giving sponsor Caliente the kind of youth-centered, cutting edge publicity it craves.

Of course, the last time I was so skeptical about a reality show concept, a British producer was talking up the notion of stranding a dozen people on a tropical island with no food for more than a month.  

One thing's for sure: Nobody ever went broke overestimating the American people's taste for sex and tittilation.

Here's the cast, all mostly locals: Jennifer Fitzgerald, 24, Land O'Lakes; Charles Hacker Jr., 22, Tampa; Fayth McCarty, no age available, Pennsylvania, recently moved to Florida; Wayd Dionne, 23, Lakeland; Christy Michelle, 26, moved from Minnesota to Florida; Robert Smith, 29, Palm Harbor; Nicole Young, 24, no other information available; and Maksim Rozanovsky, 34, Tampa.

[Last modified: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 7:23pm]


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