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To Catch a Dateline Reporter: Hacker Geeks Turn NBC Expose on Its Head



Did you hear the one about the NBC reporter who got exposed while trying to film a hidden camera expose at a hackers convention?

Dateline_mole Apparently, Dateline producer Michelle Madigan was skulking around DefCon, a huge annual hackers convention, looking to expose it as a sort of open-air market for those seeking to hire a cyberthug. But the geeks onsite somehow learned she was there, lured her into a convention hall with the promise of seeing them smoke out a federal investigator, only to find that what were really smoking out, was her.

Of course, there's YouTube video of Madigan getting exposed and fleeing. Proof positive that when you take on cybergeeks, you really need to have your stuff together.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:39pm]


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