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Charlie Sheen his own worst witness in interviews for Today and Good Morning America



charlie_sheen_2_jt_110226_mn.jpgInsisting he is "clean" and ready to work on his CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, TV star Charlie Sheen presented the most compelling evidence yet that he's fooling himself, offering a pair of manic interviews for NBC's Today show and ABC's Good Morning America.

ABC originally billed their interview with Sheen as an exclusive, but apparently NBC wrangled a talk with the star as well -- leading to competing claims of having the "first TV interview" or "first morning show" interview. One morning show pointedly left out: The Early Show, featured on his former network home, CBS.

Regardless, Sheen gave more ammunition than ever to CBS and its decision to halt production on his show for the rest of this season, telling GMA that "the only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen," and Today that "I'm tired of pretending I'm not bitchin' -- a total rock star from Mars."

He also threatened to sue CBS for pulling the plug on his show, though it seems hard to contest a decision to keep a guy with a history of violence away from an executive producer he was insulting with increasing ferocity in public.

What may be most disappointing here is how little both these interviewers challenge Sheen's claims; his ex-wife Denise Richards filed transcripts in court of Sheen using the n-word to refer to her in voice mails, also alleging he pushed her to the ground during an argument. Sheen's latest ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, also claimed the actor held a knife to her throat in 2009, which might undermine his contention that he's the victim in this latest dustup.

It is, however, undeniably compelling to see a guy who earns $2-million a week claiming that he's been insulted by a network and producer who made him the highest paid actor on network television.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 11:46am]


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