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Christopher's Dead - And So Is My Love for the Sopranos (Well, Almost!)

The_sopranos  Last night's episode of The Sopranos was everything we'd come to expect: dense, contemplative, filled with subtle character drama and a shocking development -- the Big T. killing a character he'd once viewed as the son he didn't have, Christopher Moltisanti.

So why did I turn off the TV feeling as confused as a Mob boss on peyote? (if you didn't see last night's episode, you ain't getting that one)

This year's swan song of Sopranos episodes has divided fans bitterly into two camps: it sucks and it's brilliant. Sopranosxbox

Last night's episode offered evidence on both counts. T. suffocates Christopher right after they crash in a car accident Molitansti causes because he's fallen off the wagon into a pile of cocaine. As the episode progresses, we learn that Tony has increasingly seen Christopher as the weak link in his organization -- a drug addict who nearly married a woman turned FBI informant, created a movie which dramatized how much he hated his Mob boss mentor and seemed prepared to walk away from the life altogether.

Family_dinner_1024  The best thing about this episode is its dramatization of an ugly truth for real life mobsters;  as the ultimate predators, they can never be trusted.

Still, much of Sunday's show centered on Tony moping through his feelings about Christopher and misplaced anger towards others. By the time he was facing  a Las Vegas sunset in a peyote-fueled euphoria screaming "I get it," I most certainly did not.

So, what do YOU think blogosphere buddies? Thumbs up or thumbs down for the Sopranos this year and why?

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And come back later today -- I'll have NBC's fall schedule on full display with news on what survived beyond the three Law & Orders, Scrubs and Medium (so sorry, Studio 60!)


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:39pm]


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