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Comic geeks unite! Entertainment Weekly lands photos from the new Avengers movie



avengersthorcapavengerssmall.jpgOkay, my comic book geek brethren: Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on the new Avengers movie, including the bit we most care about.

What do the costumes look like?

avengersnewphotoshdsmall5.jpgIt's my pet theory that you can judge the success of a superhero movie on how acceptable the heroes duds are. Green Lantern had the worst in my book -- mostly CGI and special effects -- along with the most famous costume no one can make look good on a movie screen, Superman's blue tights and red briefs.

My Captain America experience was dimmed by a clunky costume -- fortunately, it looks like The Avengers movie corrected that problem -- while Iron Man, The Dark Knight and X Men have always soared with the help of cool-looking uniforms.

So here's the pics provided by EW from the movie.


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[Last modified: Monday, October 3, 2011 5:42pm]


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